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Cosplay Project: Storm (My First Commission)

storm referenceThe other day I was talking to a fabulous drag queen friend of mine, and he said he wanted a new outfit but didn’t have time to sit at the sewing machine. He wanted an outfit similar to Storm from X-Men, and asked if I could make it for him. After researching some reference images, I’ve decided to take on this project. (I would never want to promise something I couldn’t deliver.) Check out my sketch for this outfit:

storm draft


He’s requested a stretch vinyl or lycra for the black, so I’ll be heading to my local fabric store soon to review the selection. I think I’ll use a costume satin for the silver parts unless something else catches my eye. And I’ll certainly be lining the silver trim with interfacing to make sure it holds it’s shape. I still haven’t decided whether to use invisible zippers or snaps, but I’m leaning toward zippers.

This project is going to present some unique challenges. My friend is in South Carolina, while I live in Texas. Measurements are going to be key to making sure I get this outfit right on the first try. Most of the time when I’m working on a project for myself I generally free-hand or trace over my clothing. I also try it on a million times during the process to make sure it’s fitting the way I want. That’s not an option here, so it’s time to dust off the tape measure. I may also use this project as an opportunity to learn resin casting. I have yet to find an ideal stone for the headband on my Princess Jasmine costume, and have been contemplating making one. I doubt the stone for the chest piece on this outfit will be any easier to find.

I absolutely love Storm, which is another reason I decided to take on this project. If it comes together with relative ease, I may just have to make one for myself in the future. (For some reason I’m just drawn to characters with white hair.) Thanks for reading! Wish me luck.

What about you?