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Surprise! I Made a Sailor Saturn Cosplay in Only 7 Days!

Sailor Saturn Cosplay

Sailor Saturn CosplayIn case you weren’t aware, the iconic anime franchise Sailor Moon recently had a revival in the form of Sailor Moon Crystal. Back in July, my family and I went to San-Japan, an annual anime convention in downtown San Antonio. I was scrambling to finish my Princess Jasmine cosplay in time when my husband reminded me that it was an anime convention. So, I decided to put my Princess Jasmine cosplay on pause to do a Sailor Saturn cosplay for San-Japan.

By the time I made this decision, I only had 7 days left to build the costume, start to finish. That is why you didn’t see any progress posts here or on Instagram about it, sorry guys. I did take some pictures of the process, though, so now I’ll share the cliffnotes pictorial version of how Sailor Saturn came together.

All materials for this cosplay came from Walmart and Dollar Tree, except for the wig. The tiara is just a foam strip with an elastic strap. I painted it gold and glued a glass rock to the center. Feel free to ask questions if you’re wondering how I did something!

I really wish I’d had time to make her scythe, but I knew I couldn’t do it justice in a week, so I went without it. Eventually, I’ll wear this cosplay again, though. And when I do, I’ll have the prop to match. The secret to this costume was some light-weight interfacing. That’s what really made the bows stand properly and the sleeve petals. This costume was way more comfortable than Sindel, but remind me never to wait till the last minute to put together a cosplay again.

What about you?