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Shared Post: Body Types and Weight Loss

chug life water bottle weight loss

I know this is a fabric shop, but I’m human, so I have other interests… sometimes. Weight loss is one such interest, or maybe the proper term is “mission” or “goal.” That’s because I’m a mother of 2 who did not bounce back from pregnancy all that well. If I’m being honest, I was already 30 pounds overweight when I got pregnant the first time.

I now have 50 pounds to lose. I have struggled for several years now to lose weight, but I have a hard time being consistent with any strategy I choose. If I workout, I don’t eat properly. If I eat right, I only do so for a few days at a time.

I have found that taking baby steps helps me. I stopped making kool-aid and sweet tea, and now I drink water 90% of the day. I have also found that tuning in to my inner blerd is crucial to my success. If I want to be healthy, I have to be nerdy.

This article wraps up fitness in a fabulous gamer package. I need that. I need that, and I need a hot soundtrack.

Shared Post: The Beginner’s Guide to Body Types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph

As a bonus, enjoy this jam. It’s one of my absolute favorites:

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Shared Post: When Does Choice Become a Gimmick in Video Games?

This blog post about choice in video games caught my attention because it mentioned Final Fantasy XIII in the first sentence. And the author is 100% correct. I hated how linear FF XIII was! So much so that I truly do not understand why it was such a sensation or how it warranted a sequel.

I feel like choice is important to my enjoyment of a game. But, I don’t need my choices to determine the entire ending to feel relevant. Who else found entertainment in Final Fantasy VII when your conversation choices decided who you went on the date with at the Golden Saucer? Or when your performances decided your look to “infiltrate” Don Corneo’s mansion? The main storyline didn’t change, but that little nugget still makes it fun. Either way, I feel like choice may or may not add to a game; but the absence of it is definitely a detriment to my experience.

Anyone who has played Final Fantasy XIII knows how much it sucks to have choice taken from you in a video game. Sure, we all love linear games like Super Mario and Zelda, and story-based games like the Final Fantasy series *cough*mostly*cough*, but having the ability to impact the future of your game? Oooh, that’s […]

via When Does Choice Become a Gimmick in Video Games? — Pop Culture Uncovered

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Shared post: WWE Battleground Recap

I forgot to have a second post ready this past week, so please hop on over to Pop Culture Uncovered and check out this smart recap of the last WWE pay per view, Battleground. I largely agree with Brett’s analysis, and look forward to Summerslam after the success of this show.

It’s been a crazy week since last Monday in the WWE Universe. It was capped off by a PPV (special event?) that was better than it had any right to be. With a handful of matches I would’ve expected at Summerslam, this event was the perfect mix of great wrestling action and promise for the […]

via WWE Battleground 2016 In Review — Pop Culture Uncovered

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Approach Fitness Like a Video Game and Start Leveling Up

gamer finish line fitnessI loved this article! A friend sent it to me on Facebook, and I feel like it’s absolutely speaking my language! I want to take this approach to my fitness and see if I can last longer than 3 months. After reading this, I have a few new goals for my fitness journey:

  1. Define my levels.- When do I consider myself leveled up?
  2. Relate my workouts to games I love.- If I think of it as Ultimecia’s Castle instead of Cardio Axe, I think I’ll be much more hyped to kick butt!
  3. Play a video game.- I really haven’t logged any gaming hours in quite some time. No wonder I’m slowly losing my mind!

Anyway, if you’re a gamer and you want to get fit, read this article. Tell me what you think! Maybe we can start a guild! 🙂

Approach Fitness Like a Video Game and Start Leveling Up.

Thanks for reading!


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Shared Post: Japanese Steakhouse Yum Yum Sauce

Yum Yum sauceIt is entirely possible that I am addicted to hibachi chicken with Yum Yum Sauce. I could eat it every single day. I could go to Sarku for lunch today, and then Sakura for dinner tomorrow. There is nothing wrong with that in my world.

My favorite hibachi dish is usually chicken and shrimp over rice with the shredded veggies on the side. Any combination of zucchini, cabbage, and carrots will do just fine.

This recipe is not my own, but it is delicious enough to warrant sharing. Are you a fan of Japanese hibachi? How about those teppanyaki restaurants where they cook at your table and put on a fabulous show? I love that stuff! If I’m ever a millionaire, I’m going to have a teppanyaki table in my kitchen.

When you go to a teppanyaki restaurant in the US, they normally give you 2 or 3 tiny bowls to hold the various dipping sauces they offer. There’s always a ginger-based sauce. It’s delicious, but doesn’t stick well to anything. I end up pouring it over my veggies most of the time. The other sauce you will get is a creamy white/pink/orange sauce. It works well on any and all meat, in my opinion.

This is a recipe for that white mayonnaise-based sauce that they give you and it is by far the most accurate recipe I’ve ever come across. Most places call it Yum Yum sauce.

When I finally realized that I liked this sauce enough to eat it on meals at home, I went on a hunt. It’s available in a few local grocery stores, but it’s usually at least of $4 per bottle. I’m not about to pay $4 for seasoned mayo, y’all.

Japanese Steakhouse White Sauce (Yum Yum Sauce, Shrimp Sauce, Sakura Sauce) Recipe.

Recipe Notes

The original recipe writer (Chuck) is pretty adamant about using full-fat mayo. But as y’all know, I’m trying to get back in shape. I have made this recipe using low-fat and fat-free mayo before and it did not offend my tastebuds, so feel free to adapt if you like.