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My Cooking Philosophy

philosophy of cooking

I learned how to cook from my dad, who taught me how to make my own ramen and scrambled eggs as soon as I was tall enough to safely manipulate the stove. He taught me 90% of what I know about cooking. He also never used a measuring cup… EVER.

For the longest time, neither did I (baking is something only recently added to my repertoire). To be quite honest, the only reason it’s taking me so long to post all my recipes is because I never measure anything, so now I have to go back and cook these dishes and measure them so that I can write them down to share with you all.

Everything I cook goes by taste. Toss in an ingredient, taste; if it’s not right, sprinkle some more until it is right. Your tongue is the chef, not any piece of paper telling you 1 cup of this and 2 teaspoons of that. I will NEVER be insulted if you adjust a recipe that you find on this site to suit your palate. I feel like you aren’t really a cook until you can make decisions like that and make them well. If I use cheddar and you prefer provolone, use provolone. The recipe SHOULD still work, and now you’ve created your own dish!

You may have already noticed that I don’t specify certain types of ingredients. If something calls for vinegar, I don’t necessarily indicate whether you need apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, or rice vinegar. Use whichever is your favorite. That’s how I cook. I use what I have because when I’m at the grocery store, I buy what I like.

Now to be fair, I must tell you that when I’m using a recipe that I didn’t just throw together on my own, I follow the recipe 100%… the FIRST time. When I see a recipe that I want to try, it’s only fair to try it the way the original cook intended. If there happens to be an element that I don’t like, I’ll change it the second time I try that recipe; assuming I liked it enough to try it again.

I hope this little bit of insight into my cooking logic makes my recipes easier to understand and follow.  Tell me about how you think in the kitchen! I love hearing new perspectives.

Happy Cooking!!

The Hungry Coqui aka Blerdy Momma

What about you?