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Time to Change: Natural Hair and Weight Loss

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I don’t know who might end up reading this, but hello and welcome to you. I have a couple other blogs, but this one is probably the most personal. I’ve been transitioning my hair for about 6 months now and I realized that I want to document my progress. A lot of change can happen in that time! It’ll help keep me motivated, plus just be a reminder of where I started. I’d hate to forget all the efforts I’m putting into this.

natural hair transition changeTransitioning is when someone with relaxed hair gradually switches back to having natural hair. This means you stop your monthly chemical treatments and let your hair grow out in it’s natural state. As the new, natural hair grows out, you cut the old, processed hair away; thus the term “transition”. It’s for people who aren’t willing or ready for the drastic “big chop”, where you just cut all your hair off and start fresh. I’m not that bold… I spent a long time working on growing my hair long and to cut it all off at once just seemed a waste. Plus, what if my bald head is shaped funny? lol.

weight loss journey changeI also want to start losing weight. I’ve tried several times and I always fail. Any progress I do make is short-lived, and I’m at a point where I’m actually unhappy with my body. There were days when I would look at myself and think ‘sure I could look better, but this will do’. I don’t think that anymore. I peek in the mirror or look at photos and go ‘when did that roll get there?’ It’s time to fix it.


So I’m going to document my efforts to get comfortable in my own skin again here. You’re welcome to share your thoughts, and if reading this helps you in any way, I’m glad. I suppose the only way to make this a complete log of my progress is to backtrack to where I started…

What about you?