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My Goals: Natural Hair and Weight Loss

Missandei is hair goals

No journey is complete without a destination right? I can’t exactly measure my progress unless I know how far I’m trying to go. Its time to define success. Writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them, or so they say.

Missandei is hair goalsHair goals:

  • A healthy scalp- no scabs or flakes, no itching
  • Healthy hair- no split ends, minimal breakage, soft, and shiny
  • All natural hair- no processed hair left

<~~ I’d love hair like this, but whatever is natural for me is what I’ll have

Weight goals:

  • Ideal weight- 130 pounds
  • Tighter body- minimize stretch marks, develop muscle tone, no muffin top
  • eating habits- making healthy and permanent, sustainable changes

Everything sounds reasonable, so I’m determined to get it right this time. I just need to come up with plans I can stick to. I suppose I also need a deadline. My husband will deploy in the fall for 7 months. I’d love to be feeling and looking fabulous by the time he gets back. That gives me about a year from now. I can do that…

What about you?