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Looking in the Mirror: My Weight Loss Pitfalls

pitfallsI guess I’ll never lose any weight if I don’t take the time to look at all the traps and pitfalls that have stopped me from doing it before now. It’s really nobody’s fault but my own that I’ve gained so much weight. I bet I’m not the only one Who else has run head first into these pitfalls?


Food is my ultimate weakness. I love it. I love to cook, I love to eat, I love to watch Food Network. I have no desire to stop eating. How’s a girl supposed to diet when it’s so easy to whip up my own french bread, cookies, and crab rangoon? And yes, I can make crab rangoon, they’re very easy. It’s too easy for me to go in my kitchen and make any unhealthy thing I have a craving for. Even the healthy things that I make , I tend to eat in unhealthy quantities. Portioning will be the death of me. It probably wouldn’t hurt to start planning my meals in advance as well. If I wait till I’m hungry to decide what to eat, I will eat whatever sounds good.


I used to be involved in marching band, and that kept me extremely active, but all that ended 4 years ago. I have tried to start an exercise regimen several times, and I never manage to stick to them. I tried Zumba, P90X, regular trips to the gym, power walking… even the ones I enjoy I can’t seem to keep doing. If I do not see progress happening, I’m easily discouraged. I went the first 30 days of P90X without losing a pound, so I lost motivation and never made it to day 45. I went to Zumba class twice a week until my schedule no longer allowed it. I have to find something I can stick to without fail. Speaking of which…


I know it takes times to lose the amount of weight I’m looking to lose, but I think I expect to start off with a bang. It is so discouraging to not see the numbers go down on the scale after 2 or 3 weeks of work. Perhaps I need to try one of those cleanses to jumpstart my weight loss. That first 5 to 10 pounds seems to be the hardest to lose. It’s all about progress, and I have GOT to start making some.


I need to develop a routine to my day that allows time for a regular workout. Usually my daily life is so sporadic that I don’t even eat breakfast on a regular basis. I recently started working from home so I’m developing a daily schedule. I need to make sure I allot time for exercise.


I have tried to address this problem by having a workout buddy, but the minute schedule conflicts come up this falls apart. It takes so much to get me ready to sweat. I don’t know if I need to hang a poster on the wall or a donut in front of my face but something has to work.

Is it just me? I’ve got work to do…

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