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Where was MuseScore when I was in College?

I was a music major in college. (Go Chants!) I spent a lot of time crossing my inner band nerd with my inner gaming blerd to create sheet music on my computer. At the time, everybody used either Cakewalk or Finale to do our arrangements. Both are incredible programs and are well worth the investment if you work with music on a daily basis, like a band director or a composer.

I am no longer a band director, so it’s honestly not worth my money to stay up-to-date with the latest in notation software. BUT I still like to dabble from time to time. I’m 2 or 3 laptops removed from college, so I no longer have access to a legit copy of Finale.

Notation Software

Below, you will find a link to MuseScore, the FREE notation software that I now use to make my arrangements. The learning curve may be a little steep at first, but that won’t last long. Give it a try! Maybe soon I’ll start sharing my arrangements!

MuseScore | Free music composition and notation software

Update: I have now found an awesome website full of tutorials for using MuseScore. Whenever I have a question I go right over there and it’s answered. Bookmark it!

What about you?