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Weight Loss Roadblocks: a Progress rant

Progress was going so well, but now the numbers on the scale are creeping back up and it feels like I’m starting to lose the battle. Yes, I’m here today to vent. I think venting occasionally is healthy and helps me stay on track. Kind of like the way I allow myself the occasional piece of candy so that it doesn’t feel like I’ve cut sweets out of my life entirely.

I guess I can’t be surprised. Thanksgiving was just last week, so of course the numbers on the scale were going to go back up a little. But having been down almost 15 pounds, it’s kind of hard to see that you’re teetering on that only 10 pound mark again all of a sudden. Add to that the fact that I no longer have a DVD player that will play Hip Hop Abs, and I have now missed three days of work outs. I spent one of those days feeling like a crap sandwich, so I probably would not have gotten a workout in anyway though.

Of course, I know I’m making excuses and I’m to blame for my own regression. The fact that I haven’t worked out in 2 days is definitely my own fault. If I was really motivated I could have made something happen. I could have walked or I could’ve just done a different workout. But that just goes to show how easy it is to get off-track. I’ve also spent a lot of time out of the house, which means eating out entirely too much. And not every place has healthy options. But it’s time to turn it around before I find myself back where I started after 3 months of work.

Today, I ordered a salad when we ate lunch while out running errands. I volunteered to cook dinner early in the day, so that I could be in control of what I ate for once. I already feel better about my progress. I can get back to where I was, and I can surpass it. That is the point of this post. It’s ok to fall off the wagon sometimes, but you have got to get back on if you want to reach the goal. I feel my worst when I let something little stop me from progress. But it really doesn’t matter the size of the obstacle as long as you get over it. That’s the plan.

What about you?