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My New Years Geek Resolutions for 2014

Ok folks, it’s that time of year again. Time to look ahead and set some goals for the year 2014. It’s probably common knowledge that resolutions tend to be lofty and short-lived. I’d like to think that one day I can stop contributing to that stereotype, lol. What’s your plan? Here’s mine…
I have always loved the useful woman in movies and TV. The damsel in distress gets on my nerves. If you’re just gonna stand there and scream when the dragon shows up, stay home. Give me the chick who doesn’t just look great, she’s ready to grab the nearest sword and jump right in the fight! I’ve never been the princess-type, but there are a few who have earned my respect. I declare this the Year of the Princess. My cosplay hopes for the year:

xena warrior princess resolutions Daenerys Targaryen resolutions

princess jasmine and rajah resolutions



My musical mind is rusty, and as a result, arrangements are taking forever to finish. I have got to get my edge back. Luckily it’s like riding a bike. I just need to spend more time doing it and things will all come back to me. So my goal for the year is one arrangement per week. I would do two, but that’s not really reasonable when I run 3 other websites. Gotta know your limits. Perhaps, by the end of 2014 I will be efficient enough to churn out 2 per week, but we’ll see.
So what are your geek resolutions this year? Attend more cons? Design an epic prop? Complete a collection? Tell me about it!

What about you?