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Distractions Ruin Diets

Weight check November 2013So I spent the last 3 months in South Carolina with my family, and wow did it wreak havoc on my progress losing weight. I know that by now you’re thinking, “Isn’t this like the third or fourth time she’s had to restart her diet?” And you’d be right. I have very little self-discipline, and I’m aware of that. I stick to my diet and exercise regimen by eliminating all the distractions that I can. I clear all the junk food out of my kitchen and stop making sweet tea. I do my workout first thing in the morning so I don’t have a chance to find something else to do instead. Being in my parents house threw all of that off, and I ultimately gave up. I gained back 5 pounds.

Today I started fresh. I’m doing Brazil Butt Lift again, and the fridge is loaded with healthy fruits and veggies. I probably won’t meet my original deadline of April, but I’m ok with that. For motivation I bought a bikini in a size medium. It was only $8; I really couldn’t resist. So now the mission is to get small enough to make it look good. Hopefully before this swimsuit season has came and went. How do you stay focused?


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  1. Gotta hang that bathing suit up somewhere you can see it everyday! Preferably on the fridge where you can hear it passing judgement on your snack choices.

    1. Great Idea! Snacks will be the death of me and I know I can’t be the only one!

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