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How to Choose a Goal Outfit

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s important to have an end goal. Like me, for instance. I want to weigh 130 pounds again. But weight loss is not easy for most of us, so it’s important to stay motivated. This is why you need a goal outfit. So how do you choose?

  1. Be realistic- I started my weight loss journey at a snug size 14. I’m not going to buy a size 2 outfit and expect to ever fit into it. I may be petite, but hips and booty like mine don’t come in a size 2. So whether you’ve always had a lanky body or a curvy one, choose your goal outfit accordingly.
  2. Only go a few sizes down- If you’ve got more than 20 pounds to lose, it could take a while. So don’t pick an outfit in the final size you’re shooting for. You’ll only get frustrated at how long it’s taking you to get there. Choose a transitional outfit a few sizes down from where you are. I chose a pair of jeans in a size 9. That’s not my end goal, but if I can get back into single digits that’s a huge accomplishment! And when I get there, I’ll buy another outfit a few more sizes down.
  3. Go cheap- DO NOT pay top dollar for a goal outfit. You don’t know exactly how your weight loss is going to happen. You may not be the shape you thought you would be, and that can drastically affect how your outfit fits. I’d be mad if I spent $50 on those size 9 jeans and then when I get into them they just don’t sit on my hips right. So hit the thrift store, or the discount/closeout, or the outlet stores.
  4. goal-outfit-bikiniShop for next season- Not only is it cheaper, it gives you a nice time cushion to get down to that size. Take, for instance, my bikini here. I spent $8 on it, and swim suit season is still about 3 months away. That’s plenty of time for me to get down into a size medium.

And after you’ve chosen a goal outfit or 2, keep them out where they will be constant reminders of your goal. That bikini is hanging in my kitchen right now. That way, every time I reach for a snack I see it and remember that I need to choose apple chips rather than Tootsie rolls. So where are you going to look for your goal outfit? My jeans came from a thrift store and the bikini from a Rugged Wearhouse. I also love stores like Ross and DD’s Discounts. Tell me where you find the best deals on goal outfits!


What about you?