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8 Sites I Wish I’d Found Sooner

Hungry_CoquiStarting a website or blog is easy. Making it successful is hard. I did not put a great deal of thought into when I first started a year ago. I just didn’t know enough about how websites work and grow. I didn’t realize a lot of the things you should be thinking about, which is why this website is already on it’s third generation in the first year. But now that I think I’ve figured out what direction I want to go, it’s time to share with you some of the sites that helped me along the way. If you’re looking to start your own site, take a look at the wealth of information they have to offer.

  1. – I actually found this site because the author also runs a natural hair blog. She shares her experiences and how she has gained success on the internet and she explains things IN PLAIN ENGLISH! Lot’s of great info!
  2. CodeAcademy– Even if you’re going to use WordPress, it’s worth it to learn a little coding. Here, you can learn html, php, java, and CSS. They also offer lessons on others, and IT’S FREE.
  3. GiMP– This is a free image editor that’s basically as powerful as Photoshop once you figure it out. The internet is all about visuals, so you’ll be glad you have a program like this at your disposal.
  4. HowToMakeMyBlog– Like the first site, this blog is chock-full of things that may not ever cross your mind otherwise. It’s a great place to learn how to solve problems before they start.
  5. Instant WordPress– If you are planning to use WordPress to build your website, I CANNOT recommend this enough. It’s an offline version of WordPress that you can use to design and test your website on your own computer before you go live for the whole world to see. I regularly use this to test major changes before I do them on my actual site.
  6. PageBreeze– If you don’t want to use WordPress, PageBreeze is an html editor that offers both code writing and WYSIWYG design options. I use WordPress because it’s easier (I’m not really fluent in coding), but I open this up from time to time to design custom pages as a hobby.
  7. Wizard of the Websites– Honestly, I haven’t surfed through this entire site. But their one post about how to choose what type of site to start was enough to warrant putting them on this list. You probably should start here, as this affects everything else about your site.
  8. WPBeginner– This site is full of tutorials for new WordPress users. When you’re trying to figure out how to customize certain things or fix common problems, this is the place to go. You’re probably not the first person whose wanted to do what you’re trying to do.

Have you been thinking of starting your own website? What would you like to share with the universe? Stay tuned for more resources that I used specifically on this site!

What about you?