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Hobby Lobby Haul Feb. 8, 2014

Perhaps I’ve mentioned it before, but  Hobby Lobby often has sales on their sewing patterns. They’ll choose a brand, and for the entire week those patterns are only 99 cents a piece. *Happy Dance* So this week it was Simplicity brand patterns that were on sale, a brand that I particularly enjoy.

I keep a running list of patterns that I want from them, and of course, I forgot that list at home when I went to Hobby Lobby today. I still brought home a respectable haul of 5 patterns, plus a discounted 7/8 yd of denim. (I love denim, but hate paying full price for it.)

  • HLhaulFeb8Simplicity 3542- Stylish scrubs. A project I plan to undertake for a friend. Eventually.
  • Simplicity 4232- A bag organizer. I’m planning to make my mother a new bingo bag with this.
  • Simplicity 1791- Headbands! I love heandbands!
  • Simplicity 1737- I have a weakness for mermaid cut dresses.
  • Simplicity 1667- I also have a weakness for flowy shirts. Comfort meets class.

What about you?