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13 Games I’ve Never Played Through (A Geek Confessional)

gamer-geekI may get my geek card revoked for this, but hopefully not, because I feel like geekdom is where I belong. I love video games, anime, and generally learning new things. I’m definitely a band geek, which I attribute to the music that I heard and fell in love with in video games. But to be honest, I didn’t really get into gaming myself until the Playstation came out. We owned consoles before that, but they belonged to my brother and I watched more than I played. The Playstation was the first time I could call a console mine.

As an adult, I now regret the fact that I didn’t hop on the NES more often, and everyday, I remember another classic title that I feel I missed out on. Some games I started and never finished, and some I just never played. Here’s 13 such games, and I think this year is the year I make it a point to play them.

  1. Super Mario Bros.- Yes, I know, I’m going to hell. I HAVE played SMB, but I have never finished it. I consider it lucky if I make it through 1-1 in less than a minute.
  2. Legend of Zelda- Once again, started but never finished. I think I left off somewhere around the second time facing Gleeok.
  3. Castlevania- I am so terrible at platform style play and I do not know why. I can’t even beat the bat at the end of the first level in this game.
  4. Metroid- Once again, platform gameplay, my nemesis. I don’t make it far on my own in this game, and often resort to just watching other people play it.
  5. Earthbound- I’ve watched people play this game a few times, but otherwise, I’m really not familiar with it. I just recognize the name and feel like it’s something I should play.
  6. Chrono Trigger- Like I said, I started with the Playstation, so I love Chrono Cross. I’ve played CC several times. It wasn’t until after I’d played CC that I even knew it was a sequel to this game. I feel I should play it on principle. I like to be thorough when I find a series I like.
  7. Contra- I know the Konami code, but I’ve never played this. It’s a shame, really. I can make it through Double Dragon, so I probably could finish this one.
  8. Megaman- Honestly, this one just never caught my attention.
  9. Secret of Mana- I love RPGs, so I’m guessing I would love this game. I’ve just never had the chance to play it.
  10. Star Ocean- I borrowed Second Story from a friend to play, and it froze at the end of disc 1. I was never able to finish and I really was enjoying the game. I’d like to go back and play the entire series.
  11. Lunar: The Silver Star- Another RPG I’ve heard a lot about, but we never owned a Sega CD, just the Genesis.
  12. Tomb Raider- Is it weird that I love Lara Croft even though I’ve never been able to play one of these games? I started one, and I couldn’t even make it through the tutorial level. Maybe my dexterity is just crap.
  13. Grand Theft Auto- I can navigate racing games just fine, but GTA isn’t exactly a racing game. The first time I even tried to play this game was Vice City, and I never finished the first mission. I kept landing in the hospital or jail, and ultimately gave up after the first hour.

So maybe I should be on geek probation until I get these games under my belt. For the most part, it just seems to be a matter of gameplay. I can kick butt at turn-based (who can’t?), fighting, and racing games. But my shooter and platform skills are sorry. What games did you miss out on in the past that maybe you’d like to go back and play now?

What about you?