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WWE Elimination Chamber 2014- Predictions


Before I begin, let me say RIP Viscera. I always found him entertaining and a character the likes of which don’t really exist anymore in WWE. It is sad to hear of his passing at only 43 years old. Now…

This Sunday, February 23, is the Elimination Chamber Pay-per-view. And like several shows in recent years, the lineup is questionable. Matches we’ve been waiting entirely too long to see are slated next to matches nobody wants to see, and the kickoff match deserves to be part of the show. So let’s make some predictions:

  • Kickoff Tag Match: Rhodes Bros. v RybAxel- I have thoroughly enjoyed Goldust and Cody as a team. And the fact that they’re up against a currently irrelevant pair like RybAxel tells me that this match is all about the story. I want Rhodes Bros. to win, but I’m predicting that they will lose. This is their chance to start a rivalry that will culminate in Cody retiring Goldust at Wrestlemania XXX. I hope they make a good show.
  • Batista vs Alberto del Rio- I was excited for Batista’s return… until it happened. He just seems like a shadow of his former self, and the hype was a little excessive. Batista will win, however, because otherwise nobody will care that he’s main eventing Mania. Del Rio is just trying not to fall out of the main event picture.
  • Darren Young vs Titus O’Neill- This match must be the potty break since there is no divas match scheduled. I’m just a little curious to see what is planned for these guys as they go solo. I was never a fan of PTP, but it did work for them really well.
  • IC Championship: Big E Langston v Jack Swagger- Ugh, I have not been happy with Big E holding the awesome IC belt. He has no business holding any belt. He should’ve stayed someone’s muscle and never been allowed to talk. I’m really confused by this match, and I expect more focus to be on Swagger and Zeb than on Big E at all. I actually feel like Swagger should win, because all titles should be defended at Mania, and I’d rather not see Big E there. Just my opinion.
  • Tag Team Championship: New Age Outlaws v The Usos- I am SO EXCITED to see the Usos finally getting a title opportunity. They have deserved it FOREVER. That being said, I expect them to lose so the Outlaws can hold the belts until Mania. I’ve enjoyed this run of theirs, but you can go ahead and hand the belts back to this generation now. I just hope that at Mania the Usos get another chance and take it.
  • 6-Man Tag: The Shield v The Wyatts- Ahhh… the match everyone has been drooling to see for months now. I expect this match to steal the show. OR I expect this match to end in some really controversial manner so they can continue this feud for another PPV. What if the match doesn’t happen at all? If it does happen, Wyatts will take it.
  • Elimination Chamber Match: Orton v Cena v Bryan v Sheamus v Christian v Cesaro- I’m happy to see Sheamus and Christian return, and I’m hoping that Orton and Cena don’t make this match too predictable. Whoever wins this match goes on to face Batista at Wrestlemania, right? I’d like to see Sheamus wax the floor with Batista. I’d also like to see Daniel Bryan get the title since he’s the one whose been putting on championship matches every night. I just think it’s a shame Randy Orton is looking so lazy these days.

So I’m expecting to end the show screaming at the TV with mixed emotions. How do my predictions shape up with yours? We’ll be back next week to see how much I got right!

What about you?