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Princess Jasmine: Planning Stage

Shame on me. February is almost over and I still haven’t done the taxes or started a costume for the year. I guess I’ll get started on the costume (I know, my priorities are terrible). I’m going to do classic Jasmine in the aqua outfit rather than Jafar’s Jasmine in the red. It was a hard decision because I love both looks and both colors are among my top five favorites. So, I let my husband choose, and he said aqua. Here, I have some reference images:

jasmine-front jasmine-front-2


Oddly enough, there aren’t a lot of different angles to choose from on the internet. I never did manage to find a shot from the back. Luckily, it’s a pretty simple outfit. I have some patterns for belly dancer costumes which should prove helpful as well. I actually don’t foresee any huge challenges. I suspect the wig will be quite the investment, but otherwise it’s a pretty straightfoward outfit. It’s time to make some key decisions:

  • Fabric- I’m having trouble decided between a satin finish or a jersey/travel knit. The fabric I usually buy to make infinity dresses would probably be perfect, bu the specific name of it escapes me. Either way, I want a fabric with stretch. This cosplay looks comfortable, and I don’t want to use buttons or zippers.
  • Wig- The base for my Sindel wig was made by Wig America and I was quite pleased with the quality, So I will be looking here first. I’ll have review my bookmarks to see which site sold their brand for the lowest price, but at least I know they do good work.
  • Jewelry- Surprise! Large and gaudy jewelry seems to be in style so I probably will be able to purchase gigantic gold earrings and a wide gold choker in any of a dozen local stores.
  • Makeup- The liquid liner that I used for Sindel should work perfectly fine here. Jasmine is a pretty natural face, so I’ll just find a nice pink lipgloss wherever I buy the gold jewelry and call it a day.
  • Shoes- I’m going to hit up a discount store like Ross for a cheap pair of flats and cover them with fabric. I’d like to mold the pointy toe out of styrofoam and secure it to the shoe.

I think this cosplay will come together quickly once I get started, and that makes it a good first project for the year. Con season around here is just beginning in March, but the ones I’d like to go to are in June, August, and September. I’ve got time. (Isn’t that always how a costume starts? Hah!)

What about you?