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What Happened at the Elimination Chamber?

elimination-chamberWell, as predicted, the WWE pay-per-view last night left me with mixed emotions. Let’s see how my predictions stacked up.

  1. Kickoff Tag Match prediction: Rhodes Bros. Lose- Wrong. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Brotherhood win their amazing match tonight. Also, I enjoyed seeing Larry “the Axe” Hennig at ringside. It made me wish Dusty Rhodes had been there and they could’ve had a little ringside action.
  2. IC Championship prediction: Jack Swagger Wins- Wrong. Big E retained his belt after what I felt was a pretty uneventful match. A few big hits, but otherwise this match barely kept my attention.
  3. Tag Team Championship prediction: New Age Outlaws Win- Sadly, I was right. After a great match, the Usos lost due to NAO’s impeccable distraction skills. I just hope this isn’t the last time we see this match up, because I honestly feel like this rivalry is still young.
  4. Darren Young vs Titus O’Neill prediction: Ehh- I had no real opinion of this match, but I wasn’t surprised when Titus mopped the floor with Darren Young.
  5. 6-Man Tag Match prediction: The Wyatts Win- Super right!! This match was EPIC! I loved every minute of it. Definitely the show-stealing match for the night. I was almost afraid the referee would DQ both sides before the match ever started, but thankfully, the match got underway and it had everything the WWE Universe could’ve asked for. That’s the kid of match I wouldn’t mind seeing a repeat of at Mania, with higher stakes or maybe some TLC.
  6. Divas champ- AJ Lee vs Cameron: Surprise match, but I predict AJ wins- Cameron wins by DQ. Naomi was injured in her match last week with Aksana, so I originally thought there wouldn’t be a Divas match tonight. I was pleasantly surprised to see AJ get a little ringtime, but I never expected Cameron to beat her. She can hold her own for a short time, but she just doesn’t compare to AJ when it comes to in-ring ability. (Don’t worry though, Cameron, I still love your sass.) Of course, a little interference from Tamina got AJ disqualified, title still intact. I hope Naomi heals in time for an awesome match at Wrestlemania XXX.
  7. Batista vs Alberto del Rio prediction: Batista Wins-Correct. Alberto ambushed Batista at the beginning and went on to dominate the entire match. I guess Batista took a lesson from Cena, though, because all he needed was one good Batista bomb at the end to win. I’m not a big fan of del Rio, but having him carry the ENTIRE match only to lose doesn’t really seem fair.
  8. Elimination Chamber Match prediction: Sheamus Wins- I was heartbroken to see Sheamus get eliminated first. I was also upset to see the Wyatts and Kane get involved. That was unnecessary. This match did reach appropriate heights of carnage, though. And I was satisfied with 90% of the action. I just don’t expect to be impressed with Batista vs. Orton at Mania.

So overall, a solid show. As predicted, the ending left a sour taste in my mouth. At least it leaves a lot of possibilities for Wrestlemania. So what did you think of the Elimination Chamber this year? Leave a comment below while I go sign up for the newly launched WWE Network.

What about you?