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I found a Zumba class!

dancingTwo years ago I went to my local gym and tried a few sessions of Zumba. It was super cheap and I had always been interested, but that particular class just wasn’t a good fit. I was the youngest person in the class by a minimum of 10 years. It was a small, extremely crowded room; and I just wasn’t comfortable. The instructor was lively and easy to follow, but she was catering to her older, slower crowd. Therefore, I did not get much of a challenge or workout. (I’m not hating on older women trying to stay fit and have fun, I’m just saying I needed a faster pace to break a sweat.) Then, I had a baby; and you can’t take babies to crowded Zumba classes…

Until last week. I recently made some new friends by attending my local Enlisted Spouses Club meeting, and one lady just happens to teach free Zumba classes twice a week. She also has quite a few stay-at-home-moms in her classes and has 2 small children herself, so she was highly sympathetic to my current situation. She allows moms to bring their kids provided they do not disrupt the class. So last Thursday, I went to Zumba. And it was AWESOME!!

I had so much fun! The instructor was high energy and took the time to check in with each of us to make sure we were picking up the moves. The small class was polite and welcoming, and my son took to them quickly. He’s a fast judge of character, so him liking people is key to the experience we’re going to have anywhere we go. After the hour, I was sweating and hungry and had drank most of my liter bottle of water. This is the kind of workout I think I needed. An added boost to help me try and keep up with how much I ultimately end up eating every day. My diet discipline is terrible, but I can always workout more.

My first thought when the class was over was that I should look for a Zumba workout video so that I can do it at home on a daily basis. But then I realized, a lot of the reason I had fun was  because I was there with other people who were sweating just as hard as I was. I think Zumba is much better as a social workout experience, so I will not be purchasing a video. I will keep going to this class twice a week and enjoy my time there. I’d like to drop 5 more pounds or so before my husband come’s home next month.

If you’re a San Antonio local, here is the link to my instructor’s page and class info. Please join us!

What about you?