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Princess Jasmine: Pants complete

jasmine pants completeIt took me two days, thanks to everyday life stuff, but I knocked out the pants for my Princess Jasmine cosplay. They really weren’t difficult. Just fabric, elastic, and a little interfacing, which is kind of optional. I tried to take lots of pictures during the process, but feel free to ask questions if anything in the gallery doesn’t quite make sense to you.

First things first. I’m in love with this fabric! It’s so light and airy and shimmery! I could cover my bed in this stuff. moving on. I cut the legs first since I knew that would be the biggest part. Rather than draw a pattern, I took my best-fitting pair of jeans and folded them in half. I free-handed my pattern around this, leaving about an extra inch of room around my pants and then flaring out to extreme levels below the knee. Once I cut one side, I used that as my pattern to cut the other leg. For the waist I cut a front and a back piece. I needed 2 of each so I could make it a sleeve to hold the elastic. I lined the front waist band with interfacing to keep that pointed look stiff. I put the waist band together, complete with elastic in the back half, and then worked on the legs separately. I sewed all the seams together on the legs and then cuffed the bottom of the legs. I guess I should mention that I took my time and pressed open all my seams and center creases. I’m usually too lazy to do that, but I really wanted to do this right, and I found myself using the creases as guidelines, so it was worth it. I sewed the cuff to make a sleeve and fed elastic through, which gave me the puffy pants that gather at the ankle. Several pins and one mirror later, I was able to attach the waist band to the pants. Trim the extra fabric and threads, and ta-da!

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