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The Struggle is Real! My 5lb Roadblock

It’s been a while since I last updated you on my weight loss progress, and there’s a reason for that. Quite frankly, there hasn’t been any progress in quite some time. My husband returns from his deployment THIS WEEKEND! YAYYYYYY!! Of course, this means that 7 months have gone by, which is the deadline I originally set to achieve my goal.

Apr 2014 weight check 2And I have done no. Such. Thing. I had plans, realistic plans, to lose 40 pounds in the past 7 months. To date, I have only officially lost 10. Some days, the scale says I have lost 14, but that is the limit to my weight loss. I am very disappointed in myself, because I know that this is my own fault.

I have been struggling within the same 5-pound range for the last 3 months or so. Despite all the self-shaming and tears (yes, I have cried over it), I cannot seem to find the self-discipline I need to push past this point. I have fabulous outfits waiting in my closet for when I get down to that size 9 I dream about, and I still can’t make this happen. I eat at home much more often, yet I still let my portions get out of control. I have an assortment of workouts to choose from, and I still tell myself I don’t have the time (even when I do). See? It’s 100% my own fault, I’m well aware. That doesn’t seem to be changing the situation for me.

Apr 2014 weight checkWho else has been where I am in this struggle? What did you do to persevere? Or perhaps the question is, DID you persevere? I want to get past this. I suspect that having my husband home will help me, since he’s MUCH better about sticking to healthy habits than I am. I suppose I need to set a new deadline as well. My birthday is roughly 8 weeks away. In that time, I want to reach my 20-pound milestone. That should be enough time to drop 6-10 pounds if I get back on the wagon and STAY ON. Baby steps are key. If I can do a little, I can do a little more. How do you get through a roadblock? I can’t be the only one whose been there.

What about you?