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GTA: The Greatest Games I’ve Never Played…

GTA VFor the last few days, I’ve been watching my husband play GTA V on our TV while I started my new job as a Virtual Assistant. It’s not an uncommon occurrence. I often watch him play games while I’m working on my laptop. But, I just realized how entertained I am by the Grand Theft Auto series.

I have never played through a GTA game. I tried to play Vice City once. After an hour I had been to both the jail and the hospital a total of about 10 times and I never made it to Sonny. I decided to put the disc back in it’s case and play another Final Fantasy game, haha. I just never seemed to get the hang of the controls, which sucks because they really didn’t seem that complex. Anyway, after that debacle, I decided to just stay a spectator on the GTA series.

When the first Grand Theft Auto game came out, I hadn’t even started high school yet. Back then, parents still read the ESRB ratings before buying a game for their kids, so my parents weren’t about to buy GTA for me. My first exposure to GTA was seeing a friend play GTA III, and it blew my mind! Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my husband play GTA IV, V, and several of the spin-offs.

I love the way the characters and storylines intertwine and yet you as the player always feel in control. I love the whole “choose your own adventure” aspect to some of the missions. But my favorite thing about this game series, is the extras.

I love the conversations you overhear when you walk by people on the street. I especially love the radio talk shows. And I LOOOOOVVE the voice cameos! The recognizable voices that keep popping up in these games have me dying laughing! (Right now, JB Smoove is saying some ridiculous things on the car’s radio.) If you’re interested, here’s a pretty comprehensive list of prominent voices used in the GTA series. It might be superficial to say it, but these voiceovers are the reason I enjoy these games, even as a spectator. I could listen to GTA radio all day. I wonder if that’s a station on Pandora…

What about you?