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BlogItSA and What it Taught Me

BlogItSA 3 in San Antonio, TX
The Q&A Panel at #BlogItSATX

This past weekend, I went to a one-day local blogging conference called BlogItSA. I was hoping to learn some strategies to help grow the blog, connect with readers, and maybe do a little networking. I took my Lenovo Yoga (aff link) for notes, and came home with 9 pages worth of typed notes. I learned new strategies for my affiliate marketing, social media, and content creation. They also gave great insight on legal concerns, branding, and crowdfunding. It was an eye-opening experience for a blogger like myself who is just now starting to think of this blog as my professional platform. Up until now, it was just a creative outlet.

My favorite thing about BlogItSA was definitely the 1-on-1 sessions offered with consultants on how to improve your site. For 15 minutes, the consultants would look at your site and answer your questions about what was needed to meet your goals. I found this single element of the conference to be INVALUABLE.

There were two consultants in my personal session, Susan Price and Rebecca Reser. We looked at my site and google analytics and discussed my concerns about the site’s performance. My main focus was on reader engagement (Why u no comment?) and how to inspire more of it. They concluded that I’m not connecting with you enough on a personal level. Fair enough. This site isn’t exactly inundated with selfies, and I don’t make a habit of discussing my personal life. I’ve also been considering some cosmetic changes to the site, so now is as good a time as any for a fresh start.

HungryCoqui 3.0 is Coming!There will be a lot of changes to HungryCoqui as I work towards version 3.0. Now is the time to get your voice heard! Tell me what you’ve liked so far, what you don’t like, and what you’d like to see. I’ll probably blog about some of the changes as I make them, since every good blog needs a “How I Got Here” story. AmIright?

What about you?