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IKEA Haul! May 2014

I <3 IKEA!! Today my family made the 2 hour trek to Ikea Round Rock, which means two things…

  1. We always go with a generous budget and plans to fill my SUV, because you don’t drive 2 hours to come home empty-handed.
  2. Day trip! We make a whole day of it, including McD’s breakfast, lunch at the Ikea cafeteria, and maybe a stop at Tanger Outlets if our feet aren’t already dying.

driving to ikeaBy the way, we made this trip in record time today, which I’m proud of, since I drove. We left the house around 9 and made it there, through the entire store (complete with lunch), and back to San Antonio by 4:30pm. That’s incredible! We’ve never made it through the store that quickly because we always look at EVERYTHING. Today was no different. So what did we get:

  • A new desk- Our old one was one hard push away from collapsing. My husband is putting this together right now.
  • A recycling bin- Because the first time we only bought 3 and it turns out we needed 4.
  • A training potty- My son turns 2 in September. I’m hoping he’ll get curious by then.
  • A Kallax shelf- This is going on our office corner as well for storage space.
  • Toys- Surprise! They actually have some decent toys in there for cheap.
  • Organizers- Because this is the cheapest place for these fabric boxes and I use them for everything.
  • Food Storage- I love the green tupperware set. So cheap, and they stack together so well in my fridge. I’m going to get rid of every other plastic container and just have like 4 sets of these.

hubby building ikea deskWe stayed well within our budget despite picking up everything that we could find a use for, which I always love. And now we have to start a new wishlist for our next trip. I wish we lived closer, but it’s probably for the best. If Ikea were as close as Walmart, I’d always be broke! Maybe that’s just me…

What about you?