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My 5 Guiltiest Pleasure Songs of All Time (OK, maybe just since 2000)

I need music. I need music so much that I will listen to a craptastic radio station while I drive to the grocery store rather than just ride in silence. So much that I will listen to the same song back to back on different radio stations if the only other options are radio ads.

This makes car rides difficult, because I grew up in the 80s and 90s, and comparatively speaking, today’s music sucks. The tremendous lack of content and creativity often make me sad when I turn on the radio. Please believe that my next car will have one of those smart dashboards where I can hook it up to my Pandora account. But I digress…

This list is not for John Legend’s “All of Me”, or Pharell’s “Happy.” I love those songs, and they are not bad songs (no matter how overplayed “Happy” is). The songs that are good need no recognition, because they are just obviously better than everything else on the radio. Despite my own dismal opinion of modern music, there are still a few songs that I catch myself jammin’ to during car rides. They are terrible, but my inner rhythm dancer does not seem to care. So in no particular order:

  1.  OMG help me… why do I like this song when I strongly dislike BOTH artists???
  2. Twerking started here. And even I will do it when this song comes on. LOL.
  3. “Too old for this” does not begin to describe it. But I don’t care.
  4. Yes, I know what this song is about. No, I do not care. This is my jam…
  5. To be honest, I didn’t know this song was bad. My friends and husband had to tell me so. Maybe it’s because I was born in California, haha.       
  • Honorable Mention goes to any song by Kesha. For the first week I think they’re ridiculous. By week 3, I have accidentally learned every word.
This is you and me having a bad music dance party! WOO!
This is you and me having a bad music dance party! WOO!

So now that at least one of these is doomed to replay in your head for the next hour, what songs make you wiggle against your will? By the time we’re done, I want a list worthy of doing house chores to!

What about you?