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Holy Crap, January!

20140719_154131Hi, everyone! I have missed you, but January has been nothing short of bananas, so I have been unable to write (or breathe). I have plenty to share with you, so hopefully February will lighten up and I can write. First and foremost, I’M PREGNANT AGAIN! Baby Walker #2 is on the way! So the Stay-at-Home Geek will have more mommy stories to share this year. Together we can learn how to balance feeding a bigger family and supporting all of our geeky habits. I now have to figure out some pregnant cosplay ideas for San-Japan and hope this baby doesn’t come so early that I miss out on Texas Comicon since I’m due in late August. Other January happenings that you can look forward to in future posts are…

  • Pax South- I attended the inaugural Pax South gaming convention!!
  • the 2015 Royal Rumble- As soon as I stop crying about how terrible it was…
  • Working Out, again- I recently injured myself to the point where I’ve needed physical therapy to get back into working shape. Time to get back to work!
  • Potty training- Ok, really I’m just going to ask you guys how do I do this??
  • Hair Product reviews- Sooo many products… really. I’m way too far behind on reviewing them all.

So which topic should I cover first? Hmm…

What about you?