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Geeky Baby Names

Baby #2 is about 50% done loading, and this has brought a very serious issue to my attention. It took us months to choose a name for our first child, and all that was just to name him after his father. Now we have to come up with a name again, and without the default “junior” as an option, this is about to be a long process. I’m thinking that if we start now writing a list of names, we might be able to narrow something down by August. We recently learned that we’re having another boy, so I guess that narrows down the options a bit. Geek confession: I’ve always wanted to name a child after a game character, mythological being, or celestial body… hence, my list:

sonya kitana mileena breastfeedingAuron          Brynhildr

Chiron         Dante

Ezio             Firion

Ganymede Hyperion

Icarus         Jupiter

Kiros           Leander


Orion          Phoenix



Ulysses      Vincent



Honorable Mentions:




So what would you choose?

PS: If you know some geeky baby names for the letters that are missing from my list, please do mention them…

What about you?