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My Convention Calendar for 2016 is in Flux!

I love being stationed in San Antonio. Conventions and other big events come through here regularly. The only thing between me and perpetual geek bliss is my budget. And I can get a full calendar of geek events without ever leaving the city. That said, Austin is only an hour up the road, so it’s totally worth the drive occasionallyBlack Waltz 2 FFIX
. Check out where I’m trying to go this year:

  1. **Past** PaxSouth– January 29-31, I went and loved every minute of it. I suppose I need to go write a recap post about everything I saw there even though that was before this site was a thing.
  2. Mini Mini Con– May 14 (tomorrow!!!), We love this small, free prequel to San Japan every year.
  3. Matsuri Mayhem– May 20, As far as I know this is a new event, but it’s right around the corner from my house so we might as well check it out.
  4. Anime Austin– July 15, I love being around for the inception of something new. This will be AA’s first year so I hope we get to go.
  5. Texas Comicon– July 29-31, Back in 2011, this was my first ever con. I’ve skipped a couple years after 2012 was pretty underwhelming, but this year I may be taking my mom to meet Worf.
  6. Classic Game Fest– July 30-31, This event gets bigger and better every year! I’ll probably do Texas Comicon for Friday only so that I can spend the rest of the weekend in Austin.
  7. Pick Your Poison DVD signedSan Japan– September 2-4, We never miss this awesome anime con. There are events going all day and night.
  8. Wizard World Austin– September 23-25, There is nothing I regret more than missing Wizard World the year they came to San Antonio. I’m going to this if at all humanly possible.
  9. Alamo City Comic Con– October 28-30, We have never missed ACCC since it started in 2013, and it gets better every single year. The celebrity lineup is always good and the cosplay community pulls out all the stops for this convention.

We are actually due for orders right now, so we know we’re on borrowed time beyond June. It’s killing me because the only way we can really afford to attend so many conventions is by buying the passes ahead at early bird pricing. But without knowing when our PCS is going to happen, we can’t plan that far in advance. What if I miss out on half my con schedule for this year?? NOOOOOOO!!!!!

Talk to me, geek moms… what conventions are you going to this year? I need to know what’s good geekery in the rest of the country just in case we move there.

What about you?