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Mini Mini Con is Evolving

classic gamefest boothMini Mini Con is a free, one-day convention held every summer. It’s hosted by the team behind San Japan and awesome little Jpop shop Nine-tails. It takes place in the common areas of one of the local malls, but the con atmosphere is still very much present. Cosplayers, karaoke, and vendors are plentiful. I’ve gone to Mini Mini Con three times now, and I’ve got to say, it’s evolving.

This year, there was a separate dealers room with vendors I have yet to see at other gatherings of this type. Normally these vendors line the halls to the visible dismay of all the regular shopkeepers. Having most of them in a designated area was a definite upgrade on their part. I also appreciated the designated gaming areas that I don’t remember seeing in years past.

In general, I noticed an overall better control of the crowds that used to intensely violate personal space during this event. I also noticed an uptick in attendance from a younger demographic. As you can see, I have taken very few pictures of cosplays this year. This is primarily due to two reasons.

  1. black mage cosplay
    Can’t ever pass up a black mage! #FF4life

    I did not stay for the cosplay contest this year. It was scheduled at the end of the night and two small children simply cannot be peaceful in one setting for that long. I observed all the cosplay I could in passing.

  2. Most of the cosplayers and attendees in general did not appear to be 18 or older. I do not think it’s a good idea to take pictures of other people’s children. Especially without their expressed permission. Since most of these kids were preteens and teenagers whose parents clearly dropped them off and ran, no one was around to give such permission. I know privacy is pretty much non-existent in this era of social media, but I still have respect for the concept. I wouldn’t want someone taking and posting pictures of my kids without my permission.

I love the direction that Mini Mini Con is heading. I’m not entirely sure that I can say I look forward to a lot of growth, though, because it seems like this particular event is really not intended to do that. It is more so to promote San-Japan, and I wonder if it can really do that if it does eventually take on a life of it’s own. I love the “preview” aspect of it. Maybe I’m just an addict for anticipation. One of my favorite things is going to Mini Mini Con and registering for San-Japan, but this year we couldn’t even do that because we are in the “what if” part of the cycle that is military life, le sigh. (More on that here)

I have been bit by the cosplay bug again at this event. I guess it’s time to break out the sewing machine and notions. In the meantime, enjoy this photo of my son’s first pose. Do you know a character cosplay that embodies this pose? I need ideas for him!!

Trip age 3

What about you?