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Shared Post: On Black Panther's black casting

This perspective is interesting. I’m almost not sure if it makes light of the black community’s issue with the still persistent trend of “whitewashing”, or if it tries to force white America to admit their dominance by showcasing how ridiculous such outrage on their part would be. Perhaps it does both. I took it as the latter, in which case, it’s a great read. Poignant, sarcastic, but funny.

People react to Black Panther “90% Black” casting statement –

I like to think that the mainstream success of Marvel’s movies means that things like Black Panther’s undeniably great performance are being seen by enough of the black community to be an inspiration. I know that to the average adult, many of us are “too old” to be into this stuff, but every movement has to start somewhere. If people can get behind this movie and make it just as successful as the rest of the Marvel franchises, who cares if it’s a comic book hero?! How fabulous would it be if Black Panther started a new “Harlem Renaissance”? Maybe I’m just crazy…

What about you?