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My Victoria's Secret Haul

Did you get in on the Victoria’s Secret Secret Rewards promotion this season? Because I did, and I made out like a bandit with $530.95 worth of VS goodies for only $60.15 out of pocket! Ok maybe we aren’t at the level for me to be showing you my underwear, but just look at it…

victorias secret haul 2016

Not pictured: 8 more purse perfumes, 2 lotion/perfume sets, 1 panty, 1 lip gloss, 1 awesome water bottle (pictured below)

So how did all this come about? One of the coupon groups I participate in on Facebook was all abuzz with people excited about stuffing envelopes. If you regularly shop at VS (I don’t), you probably know that during the month of March, you could earn a free gift card by spending $10 or more in the store. Well, there is also a no-purchase-necessary mail in option to receive these gift cards. I told a friend, and she and I invested in some stamps and dollar tree envelopes and started stuffing. Every day I dropped one in the mailbox. And then, we waited. At the beginning of April, free gift cards started coming in the mail! #YAAASSSSSSSS!!!

There were a few stipulations on these cards:

  1.  They can’t be used at VS Outlet stores.
  2.  One per transaction.
  3. Each card is valued at a minimum of $10. You can verify the value on their website before you go to the store.
  4. They must be used on or before April 27th.

Simple enough, right? (For the complete official rules, go here.) So whenever I had a free moment, I popped over to one of the 10 locations in town and I used a few gift cards. I got 3 cards valued at $20 a piece and the rest were all $10. The most efficient use I found was to choose either the VS Fantasies Body Care products (on sale 2/$10) or find a pair of panties priced at $10.50. I ended up paying just the tax in most cases, and nearly every transaction was less than $2. Let’s crunch some numbers:

Total value: $530.95 (as in, full price)

Total price: $358.95 (factors in sale prices)+29.61 tax= 388.55

Total gift cards: $328.40

Total OOP: $60.15 (what I actually spent)

Percent discount: ~85%

victorias secret water bottle
This water bottle has a sweet hidden compartment in the bottom. So far, I use it for Skittles.

<< This is me right now. In my fancy new panties, haha. I gave away some of the things I got, but otherwise I’m so glad to be upgrading the panty drawer. I’m slightly ashamed to admit that most of the stuff that was in there is definitely older than both of my children and did not come from any fancy lingerie store…

Did you get a few VS Secret Rewards card this go round? What did you get with them? I love a good discount!

What about you?