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Anime Tokyo Grand Re-Opening

You guys!!!! This past weekend I got to check out the new, larger location of a local anime shop! The kids stayed home to hang out with grandma so it was just DJ008 (my hubby) and I, but we’ll be back with them another day. The store is known to locals as Anime Tokyo, and it started out as a hole in the wall with anime rentals, manga, and fun figurines. I was excited even then because it’s on the west side of San Antonio, and stores catering to the anime nerd crowd just aren’t common over here.

It turns out, Anime Tokyo was hosting it official grand re-opening this past Saturday. We stopped by because the Facebook page was advertising Q&A panels, cosplay, and pizza. I’m down! I should’ve paid closer attention, because we got there early in the day and the stage was still being set up when we got there. Oh well.

We did get to see that Anime Tokyo has expanded to include T-shirts, Plushies, a viewing area with couches and tv, and a much better snack selection. We had to treat ourselves to some treats, of course. What I know my boys will love, though, is the awesome wall of gashapon! I’m going to get them a pile of tokens and let them go nuts starting a collection of capsule toys. As best I can tell, there was no longer a section for renting anime, but I imagine that in the age of Crunchyroll and Otaku-Streamers, renting anime probably wasn’t their biggest seller.

DJ008 and I didn’t get to stay long because we got a call saying that little man wasn’t feeling well. We grabbed our treats and went straight home. I was lucky enough to see a couple of amazing black girl cosplays before leaving, though. I wish I had asked them about potential Facebook pages to follow or something. I guess I’ll have to go back and hope I run into them again one day. In the meantime, go check out Anime Tokyo if you’re in San Antonio! And if you know of any other awesome shops in town, please do share!!!

What about you?