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We went to Texas Comicon 2016

Texas Comicon was this weekend, and they have a military appreciation badge discount. Not gonna lie, Texas Comicon has been a disappointment in past years; so even though it’s only 10 minutes from our house, it’s always a toss up whether or not to attend each year. This year the website advertised Michael Dorn (Star Trek TNG Commander Worf) in attendance, so I figured we’d go for one day and get his autograph for my mom, the Trekkie Extraordinaire.

We decided to go on Friday after DJ008 got off work. Way to fail, Michael Dorn was already gone for the day when we got there. The hall was surprisingly empty, but then Texas Comicon has a habit of recruiting lackluster celebrities, and therefore drawing less than stellar crowds. Despite all that, I have noticed that the selection of vendors at Texas Comicon is usually very different from what other local cons have so it’s usually still worth going. This year, the vendors did not disappoint. They had great stuff at reasonable prices, and I walked away with several new trinkets to further inspire my blerddom. Little Man got to choose his first bauble, which he was very pleased with. He and Tiny Hulk both got badges at the door, too, which thrilled them to no end. Check out my spoils!


You probably noticed a tremendous lack of cosplay photos in this gallery. There were very few people actually cosplaying at the convention. I assume that’s because it was Friday and on Saturday there will be many more people in costume. We won’t be back to see it, though, since we’re going to Austin for Classic Gamefest instead.

What about you?