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Shared Post: When Does Choice Become a Gimmick in Video Games?

This blog post about choice in video games caught my attention because it mentioned Final Fantasy XIII in the first sentence. And the author is 100% correct. I hated how linear FF XIII was! So much so that I truly do not understand why it was such a sensation or how it warranted a sequel.

I feel like choice is important to my enjoyment of a game. But, I don’t need my choices to determine the entire ending to feel relevant. Who else found entertainment in Final Fantasy VII when your conversation choices decided who you went on the date with at the Golden Saucer? Or when your performances decided your look to “infiltrate” Don Corneo’s mansion? The main storyline didn’t change, but that little nugget still makes it fun. Either way, I feel like choice may or may not add to a game; but the absence of it is definitely a detriment to my experience.

Anyone who has played Final Fantasy XIII knows how much it sucks to have choice taken from you in a video game. Sure, we all love linear games like Super Mario and Zelda, and story-based games like the Final Fantasy series *cough*mostly*cough*, but having the ability to impact the future of your game? Oooh, that’s […]

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