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3 Indie Game Projects I’m Looking Forward To

We love going to conventions and finding out about games coming from indie developers who aren’t ever going to get Fallout 4 level media coverage. Honestly, nowadays I feel like these guys are more likely to have an original game idea, and I’m a sucker for new things. Mainstream gaming (and Hollywood, for that matter) seem to be more focused on generating cash cow sequels to established franchises than innovating brand new concepts. And while I DO await Final Fantasy XV with bated breath, it would just be refreshing to play something I haven’t encountered before while I wait. So, here are 3 indie developer gaming projects I can’t wait to see released.:

Random Encounters indie game
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  • Random Encounters– I visited the vendor table for this card game at Classic Game Fest. The character art caught my attention. This game is played co-op style and the goal is to survive 3 levels with the aid of loot and the luck of your dice roll. Visit their website for a detailed tutorial video and PDF copy of the rule book. According to their Kickstarter, the game is expected to arrive stateside within the next month!
  • Color Thief– I saw gameplay footage of this fun little gem at Pax South 2016 and was absolutely fascinated! Navigating the world by moving color? I’m an adorable chameleon? Puzzles? Sign me up! My only worry is that it’s a PC game, and my laptop is not powered up for gaming. DJ008 can always use an excuse to build a new machine, though. Now, do I preorder one copy or two??
  • Divinia Chronicles: Relics of Gan-Ti– Some random web surfing found me on the website for this game, and the music they have playing in the background reminded me of exploring a Final Fantasy game (specifically, IX, but anyway…). Now I’m a band geek at heart and my love for a well-done soundtrack is what got me into gaming, so I had to check this out. The artwork and graphics hit me with a dose of nostalgia and the story premise did too. It’s supposed to be out on Steam this December, but check out their trailer in the meantime.

Which little-known games are you following? Or are you working on a game that you want people to hear about? Shoot me an emailĀ (blerdymomma (at) gmail (dot) com) and let’s talk!

What about you?