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New Shipping Options for Blerdy Momma Boutique!

first class shipping

Hey, fabric nerds! I’m excited to announce that I’ve finally brought First-Class shipping back to Blerdy Momma Boutique!

For a little while there I had to remove FCS as an option because it was calculating incorrectly. I’ve since fiddled with it some, and I’m satisfied now that I can start offering this cheaper shipping option again for your smaller orders. Yay!

I’ve posted it all around the site, but I just wanted to take a minute to explain when choosing First Class shipping is appropriate on this site.

First Class shipping is limited to orders weighing below 13oz total. Some examples of an order weighing 13oz or less are:

  • a single yard of CL fabric, or…
  • up to 2 adult panels, or…
  • up to 6 child panels, or…
  • 1 adult panel and up to 3 child panels, or…
  • a crazy amount of foldover elastic

You may notice that First Class shipping pops up as an option even when you have a larger order. This is a minor glitch within my website’s shipping calculator, and I’m working to fix it. Please don’t select the option unless your order actually qualifies, or I’ll have to correct it manually. If this becomes a persistent problem, I’ll have to start charging a correction fee. (Please don’t make me do it.)

In the meantime, I hope you’re looking forward to paying lower shipping costs on your orders for Round 4 and beyond. I know I’m super excited to use my fabulous purple polymailers to send out your nerdy fabrics!

Speaking of round 4, did I tell you guys the promo for the round 4: Senshi preorder yet?…


During the round 4 preorder, if you buy any 2 yards of fabric, you get 1 child panel of your choice absolutely free! The panel does not need to be part of the preorder round to count for your free gift. And you can still get this deal even if you place a retail order during the time that round 4: Senshi is open. There is no coupon code or special trick to receiving this deal. Just add 2 yards of fabric to your cart and the site will ask you to choose your free panel on the cart page. ***DEAL EXPIRES MAY 31. 2018***

I hope I see pictures of your awesome sewing projects in the Facebook group soon! Level up, fabric nerds!

~Blerdy Momma

What about you?