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It’s the Most BUSIEST time of the Year…

Public Service Announcement: If you are not done having children, please try to make a conscious effort to spread out their birthdays. Our boys’ birthdays are barely 3 weeks apart on the calendar. Between them and the abnormally high number of other family birthdays in August, I’ve been insanely busy. It’s my own fault for insisting on doing their parties mostly DIY. The things I do for love, huh? Once they’re both past the age of 5, combined parties every year from then on!

At the same time that motherhood duties kicked into overdrive, I finally got some callbacks on Upwork, where I peddle my Virtual Assistant services. I couldn’t very well turn down potential income with the holiday season right around the corner now, could I? Of course not. Did I also mention the revolving door of family visitors that we simply can’t avoid around “birthday season”? My house has been a zoo, a love-filled zoo.

blerdymomma and little man bean bag chair 2

Unfortunately, this has all left me with zero time to update Blerdy Momma. :'( I haven’t been able to draft new posts or edit pictures to share, and my camera is collecting dust with pictures from San Japan still in it. Please rest assured that once all the buzz settles down, I will be back at it. The best way to keep up with me right now is via Instagram where I still manage to post periodically.

A thousand apologies for my impromptu absence. It should all be over soon. I can’t wait to be back. And if you happen to have any suggestions on how I can improve my time management, email me at blerdymomma(at)gmail(dot)com!

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IKEA Haul! May 2014

I <3 IKEA!! Today my family made the 2 hour trek to Ikea Round Rock, which means two things…

  1. We always go with a generous budget and plans to fill my SUV, because you don’t drive 2 hours to come home empty-handed.
  2. Day trip! We make a whole day of it, including McD’s breakfast, lunch at the Ikea cafeteria, and maybe a stop at Tanger Outlets if our feet aren’t already dying.

driving to ikeaBy the way, we made this trip in record time today, which I’m proud of, since I drove. We left the house around 9 and made it there, through the entire store (complete with lunch), and back to San Antonio by 4:30pm. That’s incredible! We’ve never made it through the store that quickly because we always look at EVERYTHING. Today was no different. So what did we get:

  • A new desk- Our old one was one hard push away from collapsing. My husband is putting this together right now.
  • A recycling bin- Because the first time we only bought 3 and it turns out we needed 4.
  • A training potty- My son turns 2 in September. I’m hoping he’ll get curious by then.
  • A Kallax shelf- This is going on our office corner as well for storage space.
  • Toys- Surprise! They actually have some decent toys in there for cheap.
  • Organizers- Because this is the cheapest place for these fabric boxes and I use them for everything.
  • Food Storage- I love the green tupperware set. So cheap, and they stack together so well in my fridge. I’m going to get rid of every other plastic container and just have like 4 sets of these.

hubby building ikea deskWe stayed well within our budget despite picking up everything that we could find a use for, which I always love. And now we have to start a new wishlist for our next trip. I wish we lived closer, but it’s probably for the best. If Ikea were as close as Walmart, I’d always be broke! Maybe that’s just me…

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Yoshi Hats for Little Man’s Birthday

For my son’s first birthday, we picked Yoshi as the theme after his favorite plush toy. After lots of google and pinterest surfing, I found a fabulous little party hat that I could make myself for all the attendees. Myself and 2 AMAZING friends of mine spent an evening putting together about 30 of these:

yoshi-hat-frontal youshi-hat-profile
And they were absolutely adorable! If you have a choice, I probably would’ve set up a craft table at the party and let the kids make it themselves. But if you’re going to make them in advance, a couple friends and an assembly line is the way to go.