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20 Things About Me

20-sided_dieI feel like the best way to kick off Geek Mom Matsuri (now Blerdy Momma) is just to share a little about myself. Time to roll the 20-sided die and see what you learn!

  1. I’m team Gemini- I often hear that this is the reason for the intense duality in my personality, my indecisive nature, and my unnecessary analysis of everything.
  2. Classically-trained musician- I’ve played instruments since the 5th grade and majored in music in college. It’s a shame I don’t work in the field anymore, but I still flex the muscles when I’m bored.
  3. Video Games- I love to disappear into digital worlds. I’m a huge Final Fantasy fan and all conflicts can be resolved through Mortal Kombat.
  4. Anime- A friend introduced me to Sailor Moon in the 10th grade, and I never looked back. I do more gaming than anime watching, but the Crunchyroll Premium Membership definitely gets used in my house.
  5. Home Cook- My dad taught me to cook my own ramen at age 10, and the kitchen has been my personal chemistry lab ever since. I love nothing more than to taste a great dish and go home to recreate it.
  6. Cosplay- This is the whole reason I learned to work a sewing machine. My first cosplay was a closet cosplay of Edea (FFVIII) for Halloween back before I knew that cosplay was an entire subculture. I make outfits for the whole family now.
  7. Couponer- One way I save money for our expensive hobbies is by couponing for groceries. I have a zippered binder dedicated to this. Perhaps I’ll share a quick tutorial one day.
  8. Discount shopper- The only thing better than new stuff is new stuff that’s not full price! I love thrift stores, flea markets, and any outlet mall. I practically live at my local Dollar Tree.
  9. Air Force spouse- I’ve been at my husband’s side since he left for basic over 10 years ago, and I wouldn’t trade this life for anything in the world. We got married in 2010 and I am proud to be a military family!
  10. Army brat- My parents served in the Army and it made my childhood awesome! I went to 8 different schools before graduating and the resiliency it has instilled in me is invaluable.
  11. SCDAwarenessRibbon-store-CopyMother of boys- I have 2 children, both boys. And no, I don’t want a girl. I’m overjoyed to raise my princes. And if we have a third child, I’ll hope that one’s a boy too!
  12. Sickle cell mommy- Both of my sons have sickle cell disease. It’s a genetic disorder affecting their blood. If I didn’t tell you, you would never know, but I think it’s important that more people learn about this risky disease.
  13. Sex positive- Sex is great and I don’t understand why people are so uptight about something that everyone is doing. Good sex is for everybody! I don’t advocate anything illegal, but at some point we’ll have to address this sad stereotype that married couples never get laid.
  14. Vague spirituality- I could probably write a book on my thoughts about organized religion, but that’s a little deep to start with. In the meantime, I am not above lighting a few candles and getting in tune with my inner Ka when I need extra guidance.
  15. Frugal foodie- Did I mention I love food? I think I want my biopic to be named “Around the World in 80 Dishes”.
  16. Loc Journey- I just started my loc journey in November 2015 with braids. It is officially the single best hair decision I’ve ever made. We’ll talk about it periodically as I learn what to do with them. In the meantime, I have so much more free time each morning!
  17. Spurs fan- I’ve lived in San Antonio for multiple championships now and this is the first time I’ve really gotten into basketball but I love everything about this team. Coach Pop’s strategy for building a winning team is definitely the way I feel I should approach life. Work smarter, not harder!spurs logo
  18. Proud Boricua- Everybody can plainly see my blackness. I have to make a point to mention that I am also Puerto Rican because I am proud of both heritages. I grew up eating tostones and drinking malta and I make a killer pernil!
  19.  Achievement driven- I become restless when I feel like I am not being productive. I need checklists and planners and checkpoints even though I’m the least organized person on the planet. I just need something to reassure me that I’m always making progress.
  20. Crispy mom- Have you ever heard of crunchy moms? They do everything from scratch and go natural/organic when and wherever possible in life. It’s admirable, but I can’t be that hardcore. I only dabble in DIY care products and cooking from scratch when the mood strikes. Sometimes I think I’d like to commit to the lifestyle, but then I visit any store and remember how convenience works. So I’m not completely crunchy, but I am a little crispy.


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I Went to San-Japan! (My First Anime Convention)

This past weekend, San-Japan happened in downtown San Antonio. Let me just say, this annual anime convention is an experience like no other! For one, it’s a 24-hour experience! Maybe this is common and I’m just unaware, but I’d never seen a convention go all night long before. I just wish we’d had a babysitter so we could experience late-night geek life! I guess I’ll have to plan better for next year. (Note to self: Invest in babysitters and energy drinks)

The theme for this year was Samurai 7, an anime that I’ve only seen a couple episodes of. I debuted my Sailor Saturn cosplay, and my husband dressed as a Steampunk DJ. Our son was a button-mashing no0b, haha. Our cosplays are discussed in a separate post. In the meantime, San-Japan did soooooo many things right! I definitely got my money’s worth (and spent much more than I originally planned). So let’s talk about how they impressed me.

  • Open space- San-Japan took place in an entire convention center PLUS portions of the hotel next door. This offered breathing space for everyone, which is something other cons I’ve been to didn’t do. You could walk around without rubbing anyone inappropriately, despite the fact that there were thousands of people in the rooms at any given time.
  • 24-hour events- There was ALWAYS a panel, watch party, workshop, tournament, or other worthwhile event going on. From masquerade balls to sparring circles to karaoke, there was always something for everybody.
  • Affordable admission- My badge only cost $50 for the entire weekend, and had I ordered it earlier, I could’ve paid as low as $35. That’s an INSANE deal!
  • Pre-judging the Cosplay Contest- I love cosplay contests! What I don’t love, is sitting there for 3 hours just to get through the first stage of displaying all the costumes and then sitting around for another hour while the judges wade through their notes to figure out who won. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t start at 7pm, but really I just want to snap some awesome photos and see who won! San-Japan had cosplay contestants report during the con for a step called “pre-judging” where they got an in-depth look at the cosplays and got to ask whatever questions they had about construction. This meant that at the actual contest, contestants spent a grand total of 20 seconds on the stages each, and all the competitors were displayed in a timely manner. YES! It still took quite some time because the list of people was long, but it would’ve been sooo much longer if they hadn’t done it that way.

I had a great time at San-Japan. I only wish that I had more energy and hours in the day to attend more events, and maybe more guts to participate in a contest of some kind. I also wish money grew on trees, because the pile of loot I brought home is nothing compared to the pile of loot I wanted and left on the tables. My only gripe is that most of the celebrity appearances were very obscure people. The kind of folks who have cult followings but most lay-people wouldn’t actually know. It didn’t take away from my experience, but it would’ve been nice to see some bigger names. Maybe that’s just me being an anime novice…

Now check out my awesome collection of new geek swag!!


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