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30 Day to a Cleaner Diet: Day 19

No sweetsDay 19 Goal: No sweets today.

Towards the beginning of this challenge, we spent an entire day swearing off candy. Today we take it one step further. All sweets are off limits. That includes cookies, ice cream, and cake. In retrospect, I should’ve scheduled this for tomorrow because today is my birthday. How on earth am I going to go without some sort of sweet, celebratory treat? Willpower, I need extra today…

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30 Days to a Cleaner Diet: Day 8

no candyDay 8 Goal: No candy allowed today.

Sugar is often my biggest weakness when it comes to sticking to a diet. I can stop frying foods and I can drink more water. But I cannot pass up a tootsie roll that is staring me in the face. So that is your job today. No Candy. One day is enough to prove to yourself that it is possible.