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Texas Comicon was Awesome!

Sindel MK Day OffTexas Comicon was a few weeks ago, and I was only able to go on Saturday. I made it worth it, though! I haven’t been to Texas Comicon in 2 years, because the last time I went (2012) it was a total bust. This year they announced that Jake “the Snake” Roberts would be there, so we decided to go. Of course, now that we live right around the corner from the old venue, they moved to a new venue :/.
Sindel is in desperate need of repair, which I only just discovered 2 days before the con. I may have to rebuild her from scratch, so I went with a “Sindel’s day off” look. I was still recognized, so I’m content with that. It was pretty crowded at the convention, so it was actually nice to be dressed comfortably.
The con had an interesting setup. It was taking place in a mall, so many of the vendors were located in open access areas. They saved the best vendors, celebrities, and exclusives for paid only areas, though. The feature was Optimus Prime and Transformers, but the VIP line for that was insanely long, so I passed that up. Instead, I met Jake “the snake” Roberts! He signed my Pick Your Poison DVD and a glossy photo and I got to touch his WWE Hall of Fame ring! How cool is that?!

I got a lot of cosplay inspiration from the costume contest, and I wish I could’ve watched it from a spot that would allow for better pictures, but I’ll still share them with you all. My favorites were definitely Akasha (Queen of the Damned), Dart (Legend of Dragoon), and Black Waltz #2 (FFIX). Honorable mention goes to Rule 63 Bumblebee, because she went so far as to include cupholders, lol.

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I Went to Mini-Mini Con!!

mini-mini con signMy goodness! Life has been extra busy lately! I’m sorry I haven’t posted much lately, but the world is not even trying to slow down for me. At least now I can tell you about my time at Mini-Mini Con!!

Mini-Mini Con is a one-day event (ok, really 4 hours) sponsored by San Japan (an annual comicon) and Nine Tails (a local geek shop). Lots of local vendors come out, and I guess the best way to describe it is a “comicon preview”. Patrons and their kids were in cosplay, a live DJ played dance remixes of our favorite theme songs, and of course there was a game room set up.

san japan pre registerI was able to pre-register for San Japan: Samurai 7, which is the full-size comicon taking place next month. YESSSS!!! My only regret was that we couldn’t hang out long, so I didn’t get to take many pictures. I was there long enough to get an awesome coupon for Game Over Videogames, however, which I used to spoil my husband for Father’s Day. Now admire my sweet new hair clip from Bonus Life Jewelry! Are you coming to San-Japan?


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Texas Comicon is coming!

princess jasmineI don’t know how we are already the middle of June, but we are, and next week is approaching. This means two things. I will be turning 28, and Texas Comicon is upon me. My princess Jasmine cosplay is not even close to being finished! I may be forced to wear my Sindel again in celebration of the announcement of Mortal Kombat X coming in 2015. By the way, have you seen this yet?

Obviously, I can no longer put off investing in a PS4… but back to Jasmine….

princess jasmine cosplay progressI would just lock myself up with the sewing machine and knock it out, but life happens, and it will not be ignored. Wearing Sindel again would be a great chance to take some pictures, though. Last year, I spent so much time taking pictures of others at the comicon that I didn’t bother to get many pictures of my Sindel cosplay.

To be honest, I probably could finish Jasmine in time for comicon if I focus. I’ll just have to hope that this black wig and gold choker I ordered ship quickly. I will still have to style the wig once it arrives, and long wigs are so finicky! We’ll just ignore the fact that I’m not exactly in ideal midriff-baring shape for now. Con-goers aren’t supposed to care about that, right?

Will you be at Texas Comicon next week? Tell me who you’ll be cosplaying so I’ll know to look for you!

Thank you for reading!

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My Comicon Schedule for 2014 (I Hope)

Sindel Cosplay 2013

Sindel Cosplay 2013GAH! Comicon season is starting and I haven’t even finished one cosplay yet for this year! I need to get on my sewing machine ASAP. Remind me to get on that… anyway…
One thing I absolutely LOVE about living in San Antonio, is the fact that everything happens here. Concert tours come through, WWE comes through, any form of entertainment you could possibly want to see is happening here somewhere. That includes comicons! I went to 3 comicons last year without leaving the city limits. And this year my plan is the same. Get to as many cons as possible while using the least amount of gas. So these are the comicons I plan to get to this year:

Texas Comicon (June 20-22)– This con is relatively small and inexpensive as cons go. I like to think of it as a hidden gem because they tend to have awesome celebrities but nobody really knows about it yet. This year, I’m on a mission to be Jake “the Snake” Roberts!

San Japan (July 18-20)–  This is actually an anime con, and I did not get to go last year, so I don’t know what it’s like. I expect awesomeness, though. I’ll have to bone up on my otaku-streamers ahead of time.

Wizard World (Aug 1-3)– WIZARD WORLD IS COMING TO SAN ANTONIO!! YESSSS!! John Cena, William Shatner, and the Boondock Saints boys are going to be there. Yup, this requires my presence.

Monster-Con (Sept 6-7)– This one is actually a big fat “maybe” in my agenda. I’m not really into monsters or scifi. I don’t even watch horror movies because I have nightmares, so I don’t know if I’ll handle zombies and gore in celebrated excess. But it could be just another fun con. *shrug*

Alamo City Comic Con (Sept 26-28)– I had so much fun at this con last year and I cannot wait to take my husband this year! Lita is coming, and that’s reason enough for me to go. The vendors are also amazing. This is where my son’s MK nightlight came from in case you forgot my geekout about that, lol.

That’s 5 Cons without leaving town! I hope I can get to them all, but a budget doesn’t stretch as far when you’ve got a house to be responsible for. We’ll see. I’m also on the lookout for Pax South tickets to go on sale. Yes, Pax South is going to be right here in San Antonio in January, and unless the tickets are astronomical, I WILL be there. But that’s 2015, so I’ve got time. *Sitting down at the sewing machine now*

What cons are you going to this year? Any chance I’ll see you at one of these?

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My Sindel Cosplay is in Progress!


I’m hard at work trying to finish my Sindel cosplay. Life has thrown a speed bump in my way this week, but I’m determined to have it done in time for ACCC next weekend. Check out my progress over the last couple of months.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ll be posting more pictures soon. I think that if I dedicate the weekend to it, I can be finished by Monday! A lot of elastic will be harmed in the completion of this cosplay. 🙂