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30 Days to a Cleaner Diet: Day 23

basil plant herbDay 23 Goal: Use Herbs to season your food today.

Even after you’ve started drinking water and eating lean meats and whole grains, you can still sabotage your own efforts with excessive use of condiments. Things like mayonnaise, duck sauce, and soy sauce are loaded with fat, sugar, and salt. But you know what’s virtually calorie-free? HERBS!! They’re all-natural, come in a wide variety, and are packed with flavor! So cut it out with the loads of calorie-drenched condiments, and sprinkle some chopped herbs over your food. Dried or fresh, they’re a healthy alternative to whatever you’re using on the regular. Mix with a little citrus juice and/or healthy oil, and you’ve got awesome marinades, dressings, and dips!