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The Fabric Shop gets a Makeover!

Hello, fabric nerds! I’ll be honest, I thought I was going to be adding to this blog regularly now that I’ve opened the fabric shop, but that has been far from the reality. But, lots of things are evolving here at Blerdy Momma Boutique, and I’ve just gotta talk about it.

If you remember back in early March, I had an issue getting Round 2: Arcade Fighters produced. I was extremely upset because it disrupted my normally fast turnaround time. So, being the very extra person that I am… I bought a fabric printer. (If you want something done right, do it yourself, right?)

Fabric printer test
Test printing on some paper… Can you tell what this design will be when I get it right?

Well, I totally understand the value of manufacturing companies after spending some time learning my way around this printer. BUT, making my fabric in-house gives me the option to further customize your shopping experience, which I intend to do over the coming months. Priority number 1 is getting Round 2 processed and shipped to all of you patiently waiting customers, then I’ll worry about changing up other things.

Round 3 has come and gone, and Round 4 pre-order will be opening soon. In the meantime, the Random Goodies section of the shop finally has some goodies in it! I’m excited to be able to offer fold over elastic (FOE) in 2 of my favorite colors, so check that out. FOE is the perfect trim for knit fabric projects of all kinds.

If you’ve really been around since day 1, you may remember some odd behavior with the shipping calculator for my website. I had to switch to flat rate shipping only for a while until it was fixed. I am now happy to say that First Class shipping is once again available! Keep in mind, First Class shipping has a weight limit, so it is only available for small orders. Anything heavier than a single yard of fabric will not qualify. I’ll be writing a separate post explaining the finer points of that a bit later. For now, just enjoy the savings on shipping. 🙂

On a more personal note, my family and I just got back from a 5-day trip to New Orleans, courtesy the Make-A-Wish Foundation. My son was granted his wish to attend Wrestlemania, so we went. It was an amazing experience and I’m intensely grateful that he was able to experience it. WWE is a family hobby, so we were all living a dream. I had no idea how far Make-a-Wish really goes to give these kids the experience of a lifetime with each wish granted. So, if you’re feeling charitable, I just want to invite you to visit the website for my local chapter (or yours) and see if you can contribute to their efforts somehow. They work so hard for kids who are fighting battles nobody should face so young.

Anyways, I’ll leave you to your sewing now. I hope to see pictures of your latest project in the Facebook group soon! Wherever you post, don’t forget to add #blerdymomma so I can see your awesome work! Stay nerdy!

~ Blerdy Momma

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Big Changes ahead at!!

blerdy momma boutique fabrics coming soon

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while. I picked up some new clients with my VA business and they definitely keep me busy, but I haven’t stopped being Blerdy Momma. Never gonna happen!

Soooo…. maybe you’ve noticed some changes happening around the website. Like a lot of changes. Surprise!! I’m turning Blerdy Momma into a custom fabric shop. Isn’t that cool?

I love sewing. I wish I had more time for it because I just love putting together a new cosplay or piece of clothing and being able to see progress as it happens. Sewing is one skill I can say I learned entirely on my own, just me and the manual for my first sewing machine.

It is now several years later and I’ve been introduced to the world of custom digital print fabrics. YOU GUYS!!!!!! This is what I’ve been looking for every time I walk into a big chain fabric store and don’t see options for my favorite fandoms. I’m so glad a friend put me on to these awesome sites.

But you know what? Something was still missing. There are a million options if you want fabric inspired by some of the more “mainstream” fandoms. You can find Harry Potter, Dr. Who, or Game of Thrones fabric anywhere. Outside of Mario, I really didn’t see much video game-themed fabric.

So here I am. Because I want Mortal Kombat and Final Fantasy inspired fabric just that bad haha. My goal here is to offer high-quality fabric with unique designs. I want those of us with less popular fandoms to have some options too. If you’re into that, bookmark the site and join my Facebook group.

What’s your favorite fandom? I’m keeping a list of games and shows to inspire my future fanart designs. Come back soon to see what’s available in Round 1!