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30 Days to a Cleaner Diet: Day 28

fruitDay 28 Goal: Try a new fruit today!

Fruits and vegetables need a larger presence in your diet. They offer the most nutrients for the least amount of calories. But nobody is going to stick to a healthy diet if you’re just eating broccoli and apples every single day. Build some variety into your diet! Go to the grocery store or the local farmer’s market and pick a new fruit that you’re never tried before. Have the staff help you choose a ripe one, or some stores even keep a guide posted somewhere in the produce section now. Come back and tell me what you tried and how you liked it!

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30 Days to a Cleaner Diet: Day 13

fruitDay 13 Goal: Eat 2 fruits today.

The point to this is simply to encourage you to satisfy your sweet tooth with a healthier option. The sugars that are naturally occurring in fruits are much kinder to your body than the one in an Oreo cookie. That being said, sugar is still sugar, so don’t go nuts. Eat 2 fruits today, and at the end of the day, see if you’ve eaten as much junk food as you normally do.