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30 Days to a Cleaner Diet: Day 22

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smoked turkey legsDay 22 Rule: Lean meats only from this point.

You’ve spent 3 weeks able to enjoy most anything in the meat department. It’s time to get smart and cut some more fat out of your diet. Let go of the hotdogs and fatty cuts of pork, and stick to leaner cuts of meat. Shoot for mostly white meat chicken, seafood, and turkey. As far as beef, stick with lean cuts like sirloin or round and cut off any visible chunks of fat. You don’t have to cut out pork entirely either. The tenderloin is a very lean cut of pork. Stop eating the skin off of chicken (even when it’s oh so crunchy) and be sure to drain your ground meats. I will not judge you for continuing to enjoy bacon, but consider turkey bacon. (I cook mine in the microwave to make sure it comes out crispy.)

What other lean proteins can you think of? Let’s make a list of options!