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Texas Comicon is coming!

princess jasmineI don’t know how we are already the middle of June, but we are, and next week is approaching. This means two things. I will be turning 28, and Texas Comicon is upon me. My princess Jasmine cosplay is not even close to being finished! I may be forced to wear my Sindel again in celebration of the announcement of Mortal Kombat X coming in 2015. By the way, have you seen this yet?

Obviously, I can no longer put off investing in a PS4… but back to Jasmine….

princess jasmine cosplay progressI would just lock myself up with the sewing machine and knock it out, but life happens, and it will not be ignored. Wearing Sindel again would be a great chance to take some pictures, though. Last year, I spent so much time taking pictures of others at the comicon that I didn’t bother to get many pictures of my Sindel cosplay.

To be honest, I probably could finish Jasmine in time for comicon if I focus. I’ll just have to hope that this black wig and gold choker I ordered ship quickly. I will still have to style the wig once it arrives, and long wigs are so finicky! We’ll just ignore the fact that I’m not exactly in ideal midriff-baring shape for now. Con-goers aren’t supposed to care about that, right?

Will you be at Texas Comicon next week? Tell me who you’ll be cosplaying so I’ll know to look for you!

Thank you for reading!

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My Sindel Cosplay is in Progress!


I’m hard at work trying to finish my Sindel cosplay. Life has thrown a speed bump in my way this week, but I’m determined to have it done in time for ACCC next weekend. Check out my progress over the last couple of months.

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I’ll be posting more pictures soon. I think that if I dedicate the weekend to it, I can be finished by Monday! A lot of elastic will be harmed in the completion of this cosplay. 🙂