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30 Days to a Cleaner Diet: Day 29

kale chipsDay 29 Goal: Make all of your Snacks today Natural.

Put away the Doritos and the Gummi Bears… it’s time to get closer to nature. By now, those types of things should already be at a minimum in your diet, but now we’re making it official. Limit yourself to all-natural snacks today. If you aren’t sure what qualifies as natural, here’s my guidelines:

  • If you can recognize everything in it, it’s probably natural.
  • If it hasn’t been processed and preserved in some way, it’s probably natural.

I realize that that’s a pretty basic definition, but it works for me. My greatest suggestion for making sure our snacks are all-natural is to make them yourself! This is when it’s a great time to invest in a food dehydrator. Homemade jerky, craisins, apple chips, kale chips, and nuts are all great examples of completely natural snack options. Enjoy! WE’ve only got one more day to go!!

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30 Days to a Cleaner Diet: Day 10

baked clockDay 10 Goal: Eat something every 3 hours today.

Your metabolism works best when fed continuously in moderate amounts rather than in 3 large meals each day. This will also help avoid excessive hunger, which leads to overeating. Incorporating small, healthy snacks between your main meals will keep your metabolism rolling steady rather than peaking and crashing throughout the day.