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30 Days to a Cleaner Diet: Day 20

spaghetti with meat sauceDay 20 Rule: Switch to Whole Grain pastas.

As I’ve said before, the closer your food is to it’s most natural state, the more nutritious it is for you. You’ve already switched to brown rice, it is now time to switch to whole grain pastas. Fortunately, in today’s market whole grain and whole wheat pastas are widely available. They may need to boil for a little longer than the regular option, but they’ll fill you up faster and give you more fiber and nutrients. Make that switch!!

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30 Days to a Cleaner Diet: Day 14

white rice wild rice yin yangDay 14 Rule: Switch to Brown Rice.

Carbs do not start off bad for you. It’s the processing that strips most of the nutritional value from them that is the problem. The key to overcoming this is to return back to the most basic and natural forms of the carbs you take in. Brown rice is much less processed than white rice. In fact, it’s considered a whole grain. Wild rice is even better, but if you’re like me, baby steps are the key to real progress. So give that white rice to your neighbor and switch to brown rice.