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5 People Who were Better Suited to End The Streak

Bonus post! Or perhaps “vent” would be the more appropriate word. Either way, I’ve got to get it out and you’re here so read on and feel free to share your thoughts.

undertaker final formThe Undertaker’s undefeated Wrestlemania streak came to an end last night. Yeah. The Streak. The 21-0 one that includes a whose who list of Hall of Famers, some of whom considered it the ideal method of retirement and a badge of honor. Brock Lesnar broke it last night. Take a minute to let that sink in. I needed to.¬†Then think about the fact that Brock Lesnar’s WWE career is riddled with title reigns and huge accomplished that it seems like he never genuinely earned. Someone who comes and goes with the wind shouldn’t have a resume as sparkling as he does. Did I mention his habit for injuring people? He’s a selfish performer who happens to be blessed with all the physical assets that WWE tends to want in it’s top talent, but he’s hollow. I’m never entertained or impressed when he’s on the screen. Yet every time he shows up (part-time as that is), he’s billed at main event status. And this guy gets to break The Streak? Give me a break. I can think of 5 wrestlers right now who would be more deserving of this REALLY big feather in their caps.

  1. Bray Wyatt- He’s young, he’s a well-rounded talent, and he’s creepy. Creepy in the way that few characters have pulled off. He’s creepy in the style of Undertaker, Kane, and Boogeyman. While he’s not quite portrayed as more than human, he pulls off the aura. Most of the current roster does not do the “larger than life” style gimmicks anymore. This could’ve been a great passing of the torch to let Bray Wyatt get even crazier with his character.
  2. Kane- I don’t mean corporate Kane. I mean put-the-mask-back-on-and-set-off-the-pyro-at-will Kane. With Paul Bearer dying last year (RIP), they absolutely could’ve had one last brotherhood rivalry. And while Kane doesn’t really need any push, I think their history would’ve made it an appropriate end to Taker’s career.
  3. Goldust- Yes. I do realize that historically this makes zero sense. But Undertaker’s matches have always included some of the most elaborate entrances of all time. Goldust makes this list solely because I would LOVE to see what kind of craziness he’d come up with to make his way to the ring.
  4. Sting- It’s the dream match we always wanted to see that never happened. Granted, today it wouldn’t have been as awesome as if they’d done it 10 years ago, but how sweet would it have been to finally see it?
  5. Randy Orton- Hear me out on this one. (And yes, I know that rumor has it he was offered the opportunity in the past and turned it down. So would I, out of respect.) But Randy has gotten incredibly stale and boring. I rarely find myself cheering for him, but don’t you remember when the Legendkiller was showing up every night wrecking shop? I liked that version of him, and I think he needs to refresh his career in order to keep moving forward. He’s supposed to be in his prime right now. To spend it whining about how he should be getting handing even more opportunities than he already gets is ridiculous. He could’ve used the jumpstart that it would’ve provided.

There’s also my preferred option of not having the Streak be broken at all. They could’ve had some kind of ritual with all of his victims coming out to lay flowers on a casket or something. He could’ve come out and introduced a new type of match to take the place of his regular event. And please don’t misunderstand me. I am overjoyed for Undertaker that he has finally decided to call it a night; if that is, in fact, what he did. And really, if he wasn’t done, why take the L? Of course he’s retired. I knew it was coming soon, and honestly I thought he would stop at 20 since that’s a nice round number. I just wish he would’ve done it against an opponent who wouldn’t waste the opportunity. But congratulations, Undertaker. You deserve to Rest In Peace.

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I’m Gonna Win the Royal Rumble! (a recap)

Royal Rumble

Royal RumbleLast night was the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view event. I am a huge WWE fan, so there’s no way I’m missing the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania. I am not here to talk about the entire show, just the main event itself. For those who don’t know, the Royal Rumble is a battle royale style event with 30 competitors fighting to be the last man standing.
I watched with a group of friends, and we recently started a tradition of betting on the match by drawing numbers from a hat. I pulled numbers 1, 2, 9, 19, and 21. We already know from an incident with Kane on Monday Night RAW that #1 is going to be CM Punk. So how did the Rumble shake down?

  1. CM Punk- Yes! A very likely candidate to win it all. He has both the cunning and the stamina to outlast everyone.
  2. Seth Rollins- Also a solid draw. I wouldn’t expect him specifically to win, but we all know the SHIELD are pretty much unstoppable when they’re all together. Plus, I love his athleticism.
  3. Damien Sandow- No comment. I don’t know why this guy is still around.
  4. Cody Rhodes- Fresh off of his loss of the tag titles at the start of the night, too. I expect to see him and his brother feud over the loss up until Mania, which should be AWESOME!
  5. Kane- I was glad to see him enter and I thought maybe he would break Shawn Michaels’ record. But then he got eliminated before ever eliminating anyone. Lame!
  6. Alexander Rusev- To be honest, I do not keep up with NXT, so this refrigerator of a man was not familiar to me. His future as somebody’s muscle looks pretty clear to me, though.
  7. Jack Swagger- Wow this guy has fallen far…
  8. Kofi Kingston- I’m such a huge fan of his. It’s frustrating to see him stay barely a step above jobber.
  9. Jimmy Uso- WOOOOO! I got the cute one! I can’t wait for him and his brother to get a tag title run! He won’t win today, but I’m hoping for a good show.
  10. Goldust- He’s already had a huge year to me. I was just surprised to see him get back in the ring in the first place. It’s true though, this is the best shape he’s ever been in.
  11. Dean Ambrose- Grr… I respect the mic skills but he’s got a lot of growing to do.
  12. Dolph Ziggler- Surprise! He’s alive!
  13. R-Truth- I find him entertaining. Solid mid-card man.
  14. Kevin Nash- Surprise! He made it all the way in and out of the ring without hurting himself! The man was hilarious at ACCC, though.
  15. Roman Reigns- I’m concerned that this guy will never be able to stand on his own. He’s always going to need a mouthpiece. I hope he works on that.
  16. Great Khali- *Sigh*…
  17. Sheamus- I knew he’d be back! YESS! Now to see if he’ll be the hilarious face or the monster heel. Either way, it’s good.
  18. The Miz- I’m not saying he doesn’t have SOME in-ring ability, but I swear he needs to just move on to the commentator stage of his career. We all know he’s going there.
  19. Fandango- Ugh… what a waste of a draw. I know lots of people like this guy, but I just can’t buy this character.
  20. El Torito- I find it hilarious that the mascot gets a spot in the Rumble and Los Matadores do not. Go back to being Puerto Rican, gentlemen.
  21. Antonio Cesaro- Not a fan, but I respect the skills. At least I know he should last pretty long in the match.
  22. Luke Harper- Creeper!
  23. Jey Uso- Maybe he could do some damage if his brother were around, but he was eliminated before Jey ever came out. :/
  24. JBL- Surprise! But I have to be disappointed. When are the commentators going to start wearing break-away suits for this match!?
  25. Erick Rowan- Actually, I think this one is the less creepy of the two.
  26. Ryback- Another one that I had almost forgotten about.
  27. Alberto del Rio- He made a lot of noise going into the Rumble, but I really wasn’t expecting any big contributions from him.
  28. Batista- Ahh, the one everyone has been waiting for, except not really. I was excited to see his return, but he seems to only be a shadow of his former self.
  29. Big E Langston- Someone, PLEASE explain to me why this guy is IC champion?
  30. Rey Mysterio- Wow… this is the flattest reaction I think I’ve ever heard at a pay-per-view. I love Rey, but it seemed like by the time #30 came around, nobody was looking for him.

Of course, Kofi had his show-stopping moment when he jumped from the barricade back onto the apron. It turns out I had a pretty good selection of wrestlers since most of them were still in the ring well after all 30 entrants had joined. Then disaster struck, and 3 of my guys were eliminated within 30 seconds of each other. The final 4 were Punk, Batista, Sheamus, and Reigns. No shock there. Of course, Batista wins. I’m out $5, and ¬†I’m not sure the right man won this time. He was number 28 and by the end of the match he looked winded and worn out! You just got here, why are you tired? I would’ve much rather seen Punk or Sheamus win, or Daniel Bryan as a contender. I guess we’ll see what happens on RAW tonight. I miss Undertaker. Don’t you?