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Wrestlemania XXX- The real End of an Era

Wrestlemania XXX was last night, and it was quite the rollercoaster ride. I enjoyed the vast majority of the show, so let’s see how I did on my predictions.

  • Tag Championship: 4 teams- Usos: Yes!!!! The Usos retained in most epic fashion. The exchange with the Real Americans towards the end was amazing, and these guys deserve to be promoted beyond just the dark match every pay per view.
  • Daniel Bryan vs HHH- DB: Daniel Bryan won after a solid match despite his injured shoulder. And I’m pleased that they saved all the underhanded tactics for after the match. By the way, HHH had one of the greatest entrances I’ve ever seen, and I really miss the days when everybody did something elaborate on their way to the ring. (Don’t act like you didn’t want that helmet, too.)
  • Shield vs Kane + NAO- Kane: Wrong. The Shield pulled it out rather decisively. I’m not surprised. I just wanted to see the old heads win for my own selfish creativity. It’s a shame that New Age Outlaws didn’t get to deliver their usual spiel before the match, though.
  • Memorial Battle Royale: 30 contestants- Sheamus: Extra wrong. I am not a fan of Cesaro, but I am glad WWE decided to let a younger talent shine in this match. I loved the tribute moment to Wrestlemania III where Cesaro slammed Big Show out of the ring to win. That said, I was generally disappointed with the Inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. It could’ve been so much more eventful.
  • Cena vs Wyatt- Bray Wyatt: Wrong again. Cena won. No surprise there. He’s not done being superman. But the way the match played out I get the feeling that this feud is not over, which is good. Bray Wyatt is holding his own against main event level stars, and I like it.
  • Undertaker vs Lesnar- The Streak: My heart is broken and I died a little inside. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a tear after I got over the shock of watching The Streak come to an end. I do not think Brock Lesnar deserves the honor that he just received. I am happy for Undertaker, however. He deserves to retire a million times over, but I would have rather he came out and said he was done and leave The Streak intact than lose to Brock Lesnar. While I’m still critiquing, if this match were going to end this way, it should’ve been billed last. The crowd was noticeably deflated after this match ended. I could barely finish watching the show myself. Maybe it’s a sour note to end on, but at least the WWE Universe could give Undertaker the goodbye he deserves.
  • Divas Championship: 14 Divas- Naomi or Natalya: Wrong yet again. AJ retains, which is better than someone like Eva Marie winning I guess. I hope that now that Naomi is healthy, they’ll be able to get a good feud going.
  • WWE Championship: Orton, Batista, TBA- 3rd person: That third person ended up being Daniel Bryan. And I was correct, he did win! I was kind of annoyed that he didn’t participate more in the match from the beginning, but I am glad he finally got his Mania Moment. I expect Randy to get on RAW and complain for a rematch since he wasn’t involved in the pin, but for now I’m happy for DB.

bray wyatt bridgeOut of 8 matches, I correctly predicted three. Definite fail on my part. BUT, aside from The Streak ending, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. And I think it represents a genuine fresh start for WWE this year. I hope they keep it up, because I’m tired of watching a 3-hour PPV each month where none of the titles change hands. Recently, HHH coined the phrase “Reality Era” for the current WWE generation. I’m interested to see what it will bring. As a fan through the Golden Era, Attitude Era, and PG Era; I’m hopeful that the Reality Era will be worth watching.

PS: If Undertaker isn’t the first name and headliner for Hall of Fame c/o 2015, we riot.